FREE SBD GIVEAWAY - Weekly Wednesday #15

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How does this work?

You want an equal share of the SBD earnings from this post? Then you just have to follow these steps:

  • upvote this post
  • reply +1 to this post (not "1+", not "upvoted". Your reply has to contain +1)
  • (optional) resteem this post, the more upvotes this post gets the more potential earning everyone can receive
  • (optional) follow @smooms to never miss the WEEKLY WEDNESDAY GIVEAWAY and see interesting posts!

When do I get my share?

Everyone will get their SBD when the 7 day upvote period is over. Can be around 1-2 days plus but definitely not more.

Last but definitely not least

Have fun together, and more important...
let's help each other grow.


@smooms you are essentially buying votes and offering nothing original or of value to the blockchain. Furthermore, this takes away from upvotes that could go to quality content creators.

I encourage to instead do something original like some kind of contest or something that adds value to the blockchain. Far too many people are engaging in vote farming / vote selling and it is destructive to Steem in the long term. Please, reconsider this pattern and I will remove my downvote.

I wish you would have removed it before the rewards payout as it would have given us all participants, a good share and this is the last one after all. We will not even get equal to our vote value would have normally given.

@smooms' reply was buried in my replies and missed it. I get so busy with value adding projects and abuse fighting that it happens sometimes.

I'm glad to hear it's the last one. Some upvotes are coming your way. Sorry about that guys.

Thank you for replying even after being so busy. Thank you for that & thank you for promising upvotes too.
Please keep fighting the abuse & I also actively Report Abuse on @steemcleaners & do what small contribution I can do myself.

Your statement definitely is valid. For the future I am looking forward to streaming on dLive frequently. A few weeks ago I regularly posted unique content. This has subsided because of some private stuff going on at the moment. I am now slowly recovering and try to stuff some time in streaming in the future.

Hope I'm allowed to use free services like @resteemable and

I see you already used resteemable. :-D Yeah it's ok. The SBD will still only be shared between all upvoters which posted the +1 so it's all good. :)

+1 to the free SBD rain! :)

Going to follow & participate always

I get u, likewise for u too, let make progress by upvote

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+1, Upvoted, Following, Resteemed.

Thank you. :)