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For the last weeks winners keep a lookout in my blog for the payout post.

How does this work?

You just upvote this post. Your Steem Power (and other factors) determine how much rShares your vote has. The more rShares it has the more lottery-tickets you get. The ticketworth is determined by the number of rShares of the smallest upvote. F.e. if you have 15,000,000,000 rShares and the smallest upvote has 500,000,000 rShares you get 30 Tickets. So, even the smallest vote can be a winner. But the higher the vote, the bigger the chances.

How many winners will there be?

It depends on the number of votes this post gets.

9+ votes => 3 winners
30+ votes => 10 winners

How are the winnings divided up?

When there will be 3 winners:

1st: 50%
2nd: 33%
3rd: 17%

of the pot

When there will be 10 winners:

1st: 28%
2nd: 18%
3rd: 10%
4th: 9%
5th: 8%
6th: 7%
7th: 6%
8th: 5%
9th: 4%
10th: 3%

of the pot

How big will the pot be?

The pot always is 75% of the SBD generated by this post plus the Jackpot. The other 25% will be kept for the next weeks lottery to divide up onto the winners to have an even bigger pot next time. (hopefully)

This weeks Jackpot will be 0.367 SBD

When will the winnings be shared?

I will share the winnings the exact moment I claim the rewards for this post. I will try do do this as early as possible. But not longer than 2 days after next sunday.

So to sum this up...

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Wait for this week to pass by
  3. (hopefully) win a prize



  1. follow @smooms for not missing any giveaways or lotteries.
  2. resteem this to potentialy make the pot bigger and spread the word

Any other questions?

Feel free to reply and ask. There can be no helping without asking. ;)

Last but not least...
Have fun with this lottery and don't be sad if you don't win. Even your day will come. ;)


Good luck then. 😊

upvoted and resteemed!

Lotteries and a cutely predatory dog. What could be better? <3

Done all I can
Hope I win something good