SBD Giveaway 9th January -2

in giveaway •  11 months ago

If you want to win SBD, upvote this post. You will not lose anything! Rather, you will earn curation reward as well.

To increase the reward pool, you can also resteem this post.

50% of SBD from this post will be sent to 70 voters after 7 days. Voters will be selected randomly through in case there are more than 70 voters

How to follow @sbd.giveaway?

You can follow sbd.giveaway in steemauto . Please register in steemauto and then click on 'fanbase' and type sbd.giveaway in the empty field and click on 'follow'. In this way, you will not miss any giveaway post.

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Voted and resteemed, sort of surprised this hasn't gotten more traction on here honestly.


Hope, slowly people would know about it.

Hi @sbd.giveaway, have upvoted & resteemed.

Good Luck All :)