SBD Giveaway - 22nd March - Part 2 - CLOSED

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Rules of this giveaway:

Upvote this post within 48 hours. After that, the giveaway will be CLOSED.


100% of SBD earned from this post will be equally distributed among all the voters by the end of 7-day payout period. 

Automate your passive earning:

Register in steemauto and then click on 'fanbase' and type sbd.giveaway in the empty field and click on 'follow'. In this way, you will not miss any giveaway post.

Earn curation rewards

Follow the curation trail of @sbd.giveaway through steemauto to automatically upvote all the giveaways and other posts that sbd.giveaway upvotes and earn curation rewards!

How to do that ? In Steemauto, click on curation trail and follow @sbd.giveaway. See this



If you are interested to take part in the contests, then visit @monajam . She is posting interesting contests everyday.

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