7th Round Summary.

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Straight to the point.
Command "mnbudget nextblock" will show you when next superblock will happen.
(supperblock) - (actual block height) / 60minutes / 24h = how many days left to next supperblock and end of voting.
When is deadline for voting?
First deadline for Venezuela2 is superblock 259 200.

That one is crucial to pass or reject that project budget proposal.
But you have to remember, if you not happy with the progress of that project and you think, that project is going wrong way, you can always change your vote later and block remaining payments. Off course you need more people involved.
Command "mnbudget getinfo" will show you all actual proposals.
Now we have just one. 6 payments of 860AGU making total of 5160AGU. You need "Hash" for voting, and "BlockStart" to know when that budget will activate (and voting end).
"Name" : "Venezuela2",
"URL" : "https://agouti.io/budgets",
"Hash" : "86292e09972ba3e4566784a5b4f28a5678fcb7e208cfd3b1b1f8537687b6f2c2",
"FeeHash" : "bf584f905460fad500133a2f4c5b7cb8dd24fb1e0e94a7b9244cf2409180c107",
"BlockStart" : 259200,
"BlockEnd" : 518406,
"TotalPaymentCount" : 6,
"RemainingPaymentCount" : 6,
"PaymentAddress" : "ad7HVcG9vuj2jG5feoCSt4zoMG2XWeXQPk",
"Ratio" : 1.00000000,
"Yeas" : 19,
"Nays" : 0,
"Abstains" : 0,
"TotalPayment" : 5160.00000000,
"MonthlyPayment" : 860.00000000,
"IsEstablished" : true,
"IsValid" : true,
"IsValidReason" : "",
"fValid" : true
Keep an aye on it. This is Democracy and Democracy is easy to abuse.
150 masternodes is live now. With just 15 masternodes anyone can make budget proposal and pass it without making it public. Assuming no one else voted "NO".
So when you spot some suspicious unknown proposal waiting to last minute to flood with 15 or more "YESes", alert everyone and be ready to oppose it.
That was the main reason for that exercise - To find actual proposal and react accordingly. YES or NO - your choice.
So, how it went?
Let's see....
I opened my wallet.
In debug console typed "mnbudget getinfo" to see actual budget proposals.
Just one.
New Budget Venezuela2
Let's see the website agouti.io/budgets...
Yes, exists.
Is that website about Venezuela2 budget proposal?
I can't see they mentioning Venezuela2, lots about Venezuela1 , but not 2!!!
OK, is budget hash the same?
Is proposal payment same?
Well, that doesn't look good. Looks like someone is trying to make free money on some old proposal.
I would say "It stinks!". I will vote "NO" for now , until I research more.
So this is how you should react to this proposal. Of course all of you did read my previous post and did what have been told , but I haven't heard even one "but".
Yes, you all deserve 500AGU. I hope lesson learnt.
To the next time :-)

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