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Hello guys!

I'd been receiving SBD from people whom I followed. Those that are generous enough. I was thinking if they were using a bot in sending those SBDs, because they were sending those to hundreds and thousands of their followers. Were they sending those SBDs manually? Quite tiring doing that. If there's a project or software that will be created in sending SBDs or STEEMs to any number of Steemians, it would be very beneficial and a time saver for the progress of Steem Community.

Anyways. a special thanks to:






They all gave me SBD for following them.


Followed you and everyone you mentioned.

Following all mentioned above.

Followed all those you mentioned!!

Really,thank you so much

You're welcome @kingbit :)

Truly and really :)

Yeah, you are right it's quite a work to transfer Steem to so many people on a daily basis. Did you check this post by @exploretraveler? It points to one such a tool developed by @msg768 . You can read more about it here.

Thanks @xyzashu
I'll check it out :)

For donation and crowdfunding check this out

Thanks for sharing @cedayi :)
Is it a matrix?

Guys just wanna ask what is this SBD? Sorry i still dont know this im just new here......

I just copy this comment from @nanzo-scoop.
I BIG thanks to you @nanzo-scoop!
This is his comment about SBD @esanvicentem:
Steem Dollars is pegged to the US Dollar thus should be more "stable" than STEEM.

No matter how well or how badly STEEM does, you can always exchange 1 STEEM Dollar for 1 US Dollars worth of STEEM.

An additional attraction to STEEM Dollars is that it paying out interest at 10% pa.

STEEM Dollars are also liquid. You can cash out anytime. STEEM Power requires you to power down at a rate of 1/104 over two years (see here for a simple explanation).

That's a simple explanation of why people buy STEEM Dollars. A lot of bloggers, will like to cash out in a currency that they can translate to their day-to-day life simply. STEEM Dollars allows that.

Investing in STEEM is like buying a stake in the eco-system. As the network's wealth grows you share in the success. Also it gives voting influence.

For further inquiries:
Read this Quick Start Guide :
And Steemit FAQ:
Good luck!