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Good news for those of you who participated and followed all the rules. It’s Payout time, that’s why Monday isn’t blue for you...


Yay! It’s payout time!
For those who followed the rules...
SBD now paid.


There is some freshly printed SBD on its way to the following accounts have qualified in terms of the give-away rules:

@aaarif, @shanu, @whitelite, @happyhairdays, @jimybpt, @ainie.kashif, @brosol

SBD Payout = 0,370
Eligible Participants = 7
Payout per Participant = 0,052 SBD

Source: Tenor Gifs

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thanks @rlt47 for the #BLUE giveaway :)


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#Blue is my world because I love blue.... thanks @rlt47 :D

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