Enter to win 250 Steem Power Delegation (90 days) 12/20/18

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There was not a winner in the 200 steem power delegation (90 days) 12/19/18 so i will be adding 50 more steem power delegation (90 days)

For the winner of this contest i will do a 250 steem power delegation for 90 days thru blocktrades to the winner

Requirements to win

follow me

I will randomly pick a winner from the comments if the person that commented didnt do all of the 4 requirements then i will start a new contest and add more steem power delegation to the next contest.

Entry for this contest can be done up till 11:59pm eastern standard time on 12/20/2018.

Good Luck



I hope <3 Thank you for Great support steemit ! @ralph-rennoldson

May the best Steemian get the girl...or horse...or Steem...or whatever the saying goes.

I wish myself luck 😋😎

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Please pray for our First Responders 🙏 during this season of giving! 💕

Delegation is like the hottest thing on the Steem Blockchain. I remember when @neoxian was like the only one doing it back when.

I would like that 250, and Steem On!

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I have visualized this 250 SP being delegated to me. Start with a dream, right?


I want it, I want it, I want it...:-)

I hope at this time lucky will be at my side!

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I hope at this time lucky will be at my side!

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Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks.

Me caerián muy bien esos 250 más de Steem Power @ralph-rennoldson

Thank you for contest

Wow , Im need the steempower for comeback steemit <3 <3

Im new profile sir, Support me man please

I've got a feeling...

como desearia ganarme esos 250 steem power @ralph rennoldson,feliz dia

I feel a need, a need for STEEM:-)

Completed all 4 requirments. Thank you

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Participating = D

Good look all !

I can feel it in my bones... not winning again

Luck Luck I'm here, and I'm ready to welcome you!!

on the 8th day of christmas...