Enter to win 125 Steem Power Delegation (90 days) For You and a Friend 12/23/18

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There was no winner in the Enter to win 100 Steem Power Delegation (90 days) For You and a Friend 12/22/18

For this contest i will be giving away 125 steem power delegation (90 days) to the winner and to one of their friends!!

Rules for this contest

Make sure you
follow me
Upvote this post
Resteem this post
Comment with your friends name @example

I will be picking a random winner from the comments below. You and your friend must do all of these to win!! So you will need some teamwork here. When your friend also comments they can retag you or use someone else. (but i will be using only the 2 names by the original person commenting and whoever their friend is @example

If there is no winner because you or your friend didnt do one of the 4 rules for the contest then i will start a new contest and add more steem power delegation (90 Days) each to the next contest.

Entry for this contest can be done up till 7:59pm eastern standard time on 12/23/2018.

Good Luck


Wow you are a busy bee, aren't ya?

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Now, only if you were making honey and not spam. Smh

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yo!! I think I got the rules right, I upvoted, I resteemed, I dropped the name of my friend, @lorner . She is amazing and shares the most fantastic philippine food recipes ever... =)
Thanks for doing this @ralph-rennoldson you are a true hero, respect!


Thank you so much and I invite @tazky to join me here with this initiative of @ralph-rennoldson

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感謝您的提名!! 感謝。

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