50 Steem Power Delegation (90 Days)

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I will be giving away 50 Steem Power Delegation (90 Days) to the first 10 people that do all of the following

  1. Upvote this post
  2. Resteem this post
  3. Follow Me
  4. Comment below telling me what city you live in and what is your favorite thing you like to do there

Good Luck!!

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Thank you everyone we have our 10 winners

Monmouth, Maine, U.S.
My favorite thing to do is play my guitar.

That was fast. Thanks Ralph, very nice of you :)

I live in Germany, Saarland,
i go to punk Rock Festivals

Thank you 😃😃😃

I live in Maracay [Venezuela] and I love to visit the Theather and the Plane Musseum often.

thank you @seifiro for sharing . Delegations will be done soon

I live in Naguanagua Venezuela and the favorite thing is breathing fresh air in the mountain called El Café☕ (The Coffee)😁

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thank you @jenina619 for sharing :)

Thank you so much!😊😊😊🍀

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I am from surat Gujarat India., my city is also call diamond city cuz 98 percent of the world’s diamond get shaped here in my city, I like to visit beach near my city., I expect to win steem power all the task for the contest is done

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Lexington KY and enjoy the strip clubs

I am a Filipina working in Italy, i love to go around to visit the museum

thank you @aracieli for sharing

I live in Pakistan Multan, I like steeming and love to travel

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thank you @arsl14 for sharing

I live in San Antonio Texas and love visiting the Alamo. 👍

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thank you @wonderwop for following me and entering into my many contests i will be doing the delegation when i get the 10 winners thanks

I live in Djakarta, Indonesia. I think my favorite thing in this city is hanging out with my friends And delicious food.

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I live in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and my favorite thing to do is hiking on the trails in the countryside.

Thank you for doing this, I lived in San Jose, CA.
Favorite thing to do is eat around the town LOL

thanks for sharing @tydebbie

you are welcome :)

I live Margarita Island, Venezuela and my favorite place: the beach

thanks for sharing @franciscana23 , i hope you are doing good :)

I live in New Jersey, USA.
I like to visit all the parks near me

I live in the center of China,Chongqing Province, It's a big city surrounding by mountains. My favorite thing in this city is eating Hotpot, It's a spicy food with many many dishes.

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Thanks for your SP, that really helps and now I can run my Steemit better.

Well, my name is Parth, the most common name in India, but everyone has their own unique skills, as I have my owl unique style for living , working and eating. Because, millions of people are living in my city call Vadodara.
What's more, I'm extrovert so I have made many friends here. We have lots of fun time together. We do travel on bike for late night, movies, hangout, bike race on highway. A bunch of fun tasks we do together, sometimes it's boring , sometimes interesting, slat the end momories counts.!


Hi, congratulations! 😘 I from Valencia, thank you

I am from Lahore, Pakistan.
Playing cricket is my fav thing.

Pleasure is all mine

I live in Hong Kong and the favourite thing to do is travel and spend time with friends.

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Hello sir, I am from Ayodhya, a famous city of India, which is the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram.And my hobbies are watching movies and play football.

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Too bad it was midnight for me and I was sleeping. Hehe thanks for giving back to the community @ralph-rennoldson

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Hey ya. Moscow. Just surfing!

cool post @ralph-rennoldson ... you've inspired me to share holiday cheer :)

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Am from. Ondo state, south west part of Nigeria, West Africa.

My hobby remains reading novels, I so much love it.

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Calgary Alberta , lobe going to metal shows and hitting up the bars

But why you giving away...😎

You got a 91.50% upvote from @booster courtesy of @ralph-rennoldson!


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