Free Dogecoin GIVEAWAY 700 COINS!!

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This will 100% be the easiest crypto giveaway/faucet you have ever entered!


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  • How will I choose the winners?
    Every hour, for the next 7 hours I will select a random person and check to make sure he/she completed all of the rules to enter and if they did 100 Dogecoins will be sent to their address!

    (This is to show I just bought 700 more Doge coins for this giveaway)


    1st hour goes to @frostbite
    2nd hour goes to @werbo

    I hope everyone enjoys, good luck to all :) STEEM ON!


    my doge wallet DTfwgdtNcAfY7Qu6WVhnodWPyq9jDA4ENM

    I won!! :)

    Thank you!!!!


    Doge coin Adress and all the qualifications are met

    Followed - check
    Resteemed - check
    Liked - Check


    CONGRATS! Werbo you are the 2nd winner!

    Did all the actions.
    Here's my dogecoin address: D7HrUUs2T1WkQXtpUZo7TQomaMymqfjBtw

    First winner has been chosen and it is @frostbite Congrats! but everyone else do not lose hope, 6 more hours of suspense is coming!!!!!!!

    Did the above...upvoted, resteeemed, comment, address below:

    Please follow and read my posts...they're quite good.

    Up-voted, Resteemed, and commented! Good luck to all participants!


    Ok this one I can do


    Thanks for given us free DogeCoins


    This seems pretty easy.

    My wallet is DE9UWTYxiHBRKBAPXRs6tbapyER6YJMcsY

    waiting for my dogecoins. TY

    You are the first entry with 50 minutes left, you got some odds in your favor haha good luck! Thanks for entering

    my doge wallet : DKYdSGJtBeBnVqgiS1LjeEXJFpwiqdCN49
    Thanks for giveaway :)

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