Lockdown Giveaway 05

in #giveawaylast year

A few people are have started to comment on our posts and I see it is going to be really amazing sharing all the rewards that we will be giving you out.

You might be questioning why does @Public-Money run these giveaways?

Public-Money is perhaps one of the first accounts to start giveaways. When I started these simple giveaways the price of Steem was going up but as a newbie, it was challenging to earn anything.

Everyone was looking after themselves. It was mid-2017 and all the big-wigs of Steemit were forming groups, bots and earning hundreds of Steem with each post.

I was a newbie too and I wanted to help people like me. I started this account and I started to giveaway small amounts of Steem to anyone who would upvote my posts and comment on them.

I have given away hundreds of Steem to hundreds of people.

I intend to do continue doing it for as long as I can.

So, if you are interested then upvote this post and comment.

That's it.


I remember those times count me in.

I do like the public-money..good job sir..
One day there will be a good numbers of comments...

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