Lockdown Giveaway 01

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Well, it is been more than 50 days since we have been under lockdown and it is hurting everyone. I know a lot of people who are suffering due to lack of work and food.

I am doing okay but like everyone I am also suffering a little.

I would love to hear your lockdown stories. Tell me what you guys are doing these days and how you all are coping.

I am thinking of starting giveaways again for you guys.

So, let this be the 1st Lockdown giveaway where I will giveaway 50% of my earnings from each post to one or two random person who comments on my posts.


  1. Upvote this post so that I will have some good rewards that I can share with you guys.
  2. Make a comment. If you do not comment then I will not consider your entry.
  3. Wait a week till I get the rewards and I will select one random person each day.

That's all folks.


So far been surviving well with the lockdown the damage will come if this lasts too long, staying indoors as not been too difficult for me but the queuing when outside can be frustrating too many people are still buying in panic mode.

Yeah situation is very bad. I am just getting frustrated . it could take a good time..