No Minnows Feeding Tomorrow

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Dear Minnows,

As both @scrooger and I are travelling abroad this week (he’s in Malaysia and I’m in Portugal), we will be skipping this week’s episode of “Feed Your Minnows”. Instead, we will be back next Monday, August 6th. We hope for your understanding and wish you all a great week!


Much love, as always,

– Oleg

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Enjoy the trip, and please be careful. I hope you have a great time, and are able to relax a little.

Noted. Thanks. Enjoy your holidays!

Have fun buddy !

Have an amazing time! Everyone seems to be going on vacation these past few weeks.

Enjoy your holidays. Come back refreshed and raring to go.

Save trip guys, enjoy!

Enjoy your vacation! Take care and be safe!

Enjoy your stay in Portugal❤

Friend. from Venezuela I wish you to have a great time, please I hope you can capture many photos to share with your supervisors.

I will miss your votes

<dances in &twirl her tail in the vaccation pond ❤️🎶🐲🐉

The water in the pond is surely warm and pleasant! And kind of refreshing, considering the over-30˚C air temperatures both in Sweden and (just today) in Portugal!

Hope you like the photos from Lisbon I’ve posted recently. More pictures from Sintra are coming up soon! ;)

Im highly pleased that your having a warm and nice time🐲🐉😍 buuuz im a beaten worn down dragon... i must acumilate some more happy before i can check them posts., sorry 😔