Feed Your Minnows Upvotes Giveaway – Episode 1

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Hello dear minnows!

  • Seeing as the Feed Your Minnows giveaway series is going strong, growing in popularity and attracting new participants every week


…I decided to try something new, in addition to the long-running and much-beloved “Feed Your Minnows” giveaway.

A New Upvotes Giveaway

The new giveaway will be similar to what @scrooger is doing with his awesome bot. Instead of getting a share of SBD rewards sent directly to your wallet, as in my other “Feed Your Minnows” giveaway (where the last couple of episodes saw payouts between 0.02 and 0.07 SBD per minnow), all participating minnows will be getting a 20%-voting power upvote from me, currently worth about 2–3 cents (depending on the current price of STEEM and on my total STEEM POWER, of course).

To make it clear: this is a new, additional giveaway that will run in parallel with the existing “Feed Your Minnows” giveaway. The former is not replacing the latter, it is just creating additional opportunities for small minnows to feed more often and share rewards from different streams and in different forms.

How to participate:

Every week I will publish a new episode of “Feed Your Minnows Upvotes Giveaway”. This post doubles as The Episode 1 of the new series. In order to participate and earn my upvote, you have to take three easy steps:

  1. Resteem this post
  2. Make your own post on your blog with #feedme included somewhere in the post title and also as one of the tags of your post
  3. Send me (@oleg326756) a wallet message with the word feedme in the memo (it can be 0.001 SBD/STEEM or more, if you like :)) – exactly the same way as it works with @scrooger’s @feedyourminnows bot.

You don’t have to upvote my post or leave a comment in order to participate in this giveaway, but if you do, I will surely appreciate it a lot!

Once you have done all three steps, I will visit the post you created in Step 2 and upvote it with 20% of my voting power. I hope that more people will upvote your posts, thus increasing your potential reward, so that in the end you will get more than 2 or 3 cents that my upvote alone is worth. Just think how awesome it would be if all the participating minnows upvoted each other’s posts, thus sharing the rewards all around! It will be a beautiful thing.

The giveaway will go on for 7 days OR until the next episode is published on my blog, whichever happens first.

Now, let’s get this feeding frenzy started!


Thank you for the shout out, @oleg326756! I'm so glad to spread the word. This is a great idea and I am on it. It will be part of my next post for minnow tips and I know just the post to do for this :)

Awesome!! Thank you so much for your support, @fitinfun!

@oleg326756 I'll follow your 3 steps and will love to enjoy it by helping your minnow.

Thank you for your participation and enjoy your upvote, @tenaciousjay!

Read my profile if want me to resteem your post to over 72,500 followers. @a-0-0

#feedme sounds like a good plan :D

Cashtag doesn’t count in this giveaway, my friend. Please read the rules:

  1. Resteem this post
  2. Make post with #feedme
  3. Wallet-message with feedme

…and then enjoy! :)

Another initiative from you ! Excellent!

I hope that it catches on… We will see.

I resteemed and upvoted now got to think of a title and post about #feedme hmmm

@oleg326756 can I make any topic and just put #feedme in my title? Can it be my #ulog post but I put #feedme in the title? thanks

You are such a nice human being, Im so glad I stumbled upon you today!!!

The pleasure is mine. :)

done sir @oleg326756.. thank you:)

Thank you for participating and enjoy your upvote! :)

done sir.. thanks!

Enjoy your upvote! :)

Steps 2 and 3 done, don’t forget to do Step 1! ;)

Enjoy your upvote, friend! ;)

Done sir @oleg326756.. Thank you :)

Thank you for your participation and enjoy your upvote, @summer14!

6must we use feedme as first tag? There are other tags that it would contradict with other challenges requiring using their tag first. Could we usethe tag not necessarily first and paste a copy of the link to the post here?

Good point, @leeart. I guess it should be okay for the tag not to be the very first one. I will change the rules now. And you don’t have to paste a link in the comment – the wallet message should suffice.

Thank you for suggesting this improvement to the giveaway!

Great! Thank you for your continued effort in helping others. Cheers!

Right back at you! ;)

hello, sir...i did the 3 steps already and here's my entry
thank you & God bless you :-)

Well done! Enjoy your upvote and God bless you too!

This is my first time following your post @oleg326756. Done upvote and reestemed. Next is to make a post. Thank you for this.

I’m looking forward to reading your post, Aaron. Welcome as a new follower!

Here I am with my post. I think I got everything right. Thank you so much for doing this. My mom is @fitinfun and she gave me the idea. We decided to do these posts on the weekends, and it looks like I beat her to it :)
Smart and Final Healthy Onions San Diego California #feedme Post

Thank you for your participation, @bxlphabet! I have now upvoted your post, as promised. You’ve got a cool mom!

Thank you! And yeah, my mom is pretty cool, haha.

Aw! Thanks, honey :)

Thank you! I'm glad to see my son here :)

Completed. Thanks!

Here is my post, @oleg326756. Thank you so much for holding this challenge. I think it's a great idea and I plan to get in each week.

Two Types of Street Sushi Bangkok Thailand My #feedme Post

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