Feed Your Minnows Series, Episode 13: 100% SBD Post Payout to my Followers

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Life-long basic weekly income:

A new addition to this series is that all participants can sign-up for a life-long basic income subsidy, paid out weekly in a new cryptocurrency MANNA. All minnows who register and verify their identity via my link will get a bonus on top of their weekly payouts: https://www.mannabase.com/?ref=4tset2twih

Feel free to use this link and sign up your friends, family members (and even your children, if they have their own individual phone number) for the universal basic income. Right now the price of MANNA is very low, but it might go to the Moon in the months and years to come.

The Rules are still the same:

  • In order to participate in the giveaway, post a comment under this post. It can be freely formed, but it should include the hashtag #MinnowsFeed. No hashtag – no cash. The cashtag is your friend! ;)
  • I want to be your friend too, so I hope that you will follow my blog. Anyone can upvote and leave a comment with the cashtag, but only my followers will receive their shares of the post’s payout. This is the strictest rule of this giveaway and I intend on upholding it vigorously.
  • To summarise: The entire SBD payout for this post will be shared equally among all my followers who will have left a comment with the hashtag #MinnowsFeed under this post.
  • You have 7 days after this Episode gets posted to leave your comment. Don’t leave it for the last minute, though. Once the post has received a payout, no further entries will be accepted.

It is totally up to you if you decide to upvote and/or resteem this post. This part is entirely optional. Of course, the more visibility and the more upvotes this post receives, the greater will be the reward pool to share among the participants. Sharing is caring! ;)


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I just love these!!! I will feed!

Oh yes #MinnowsFeed please!!!


Wow, it has been some long time! I just haven't been on much lately,
but seeing this up is great and encouraging!
Thanks Oleg! Keep up the great support!


#DolphinFeed (I don't need SBD reward)

That is awesome that you are a dolphin now!

Is your avatar of the Slovenia flag? I saw that one before!!

Yes, it is Slovenian flag.

You're not a dolphin yet?

I am, I will edit my comment.

Wow, this is really amazing! Congratulations on your success, my dolphin friend! :D You are an example and an inspiration, @fbslo. I hope to join you in a happy school of dolphins one day! ;)

I'm new to the platform, I'm not sure how this works. Let me give it a try.


Wishing You - Love, Light and Peace

Welcome to Steem and to this series, @whitelite! Glad to have you as a new follower, too!

Wishing the same to you,
– Oleg

You are such a caring man to give so much to minnows.
I admire your kindness.


Thanks for all the amazing work you do @oleg326756

Thank you for your participation, @crypticat! Hope you enjoyed the #MinnowsFeed from the previous episode. :)


Let's keep sharing such good initiatives like this!!

An awesome job your doing sir, am always happy when am fed 😁 #MinnowsFeed

Thanks you very much for your kind to help steemian, #MinnowsFeed

#MinnowsFeed Awesome concept! Thank you for running it.

My post concerns the inflation rate versus gold as the Central Banksters have devalued the FIAT currencies to the point where those currencies are printed against debt instruments. #MinnowsFeed

Is Manna like steembasicincome?

This #minnowsfeed is great initiative for all minnows.

Yes, the central idea of Manna is, indeed, to provide people with universal basic income. They have an account here on Steem, check it out: @mannacurrency

The spirit of seeing that is true, I love it. But whether it will not add to the heavy burden called the beginning of waiting, I hope not and true it all @oleg326756, Steemit Regards @launglilawangsa

#MinnowsFeed it is then. Let me see what it's all about.

@oleg326756 - I'm back for a tasty morsel!