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When you are reading that, and you don't have made a comment then I​ have to tell you that it is too late. This Giveaway is closed. The winner will be announced very soon. But hey, keep in touch with me because in the future there will be more giveaways. It would a joy to see you there. :) So stay tuned!

Hey, guys, I hope you are doing all well.

Today I want to make my first giveaway.

The last days I was thinking about a giveaway or making a contest. I looked at many contests here how other people are doing it, and I also got some ideas for it. But maybe for the beginning a bit too complicated.

So I wanted to make something simple, really simple.

You know that there many celebration posts when someone reaches a new follower milestone.

It didn't come in my mind to make also a giveaway for my followers, because like I said in my short series "Understand the Steemit Game," it's not about followers more about fans, the quality of your followers matters.

But then I read an interesting Post here; I can't take my followers for granted.

I know that but it was not present like it should be. It was ​a reminder for me.

So I want to give something back with this giveaway.

The conditions.png

What can you win?

In total, 75 SBD is in my Pool. But not one person will win all.

There will be three winners!

Yes, three guys will get 25 SBD!

So what you have to do?


1.) You have to be one of my followers. Like I said this is a giveaway for my followers.

2.) Resteem this Post.

3.) Write in the comment: "I am in!" Then I know that you want to join in this giveaway.

Then I will put all names into a random generator.

The first three names will win the SBD.

Of course, ​I​ will mention the winners in a new Post.

That's it :)

simple isn't it?

I hope you will enjoy it :)

Follow Upvote Resteem weiß .png

Thanks for reading.


Guess what Mr. Motivation :-)? I am in!

Mr. Motivation :D great!

Thanks for joining my friend.

Thanks for organising - you are the only celeb here on steemit i think

Until now :)
Depending how far this site will go it's a matter of time that others​ will follow :)

sounds music in my ears - I am in!

Yeeeeeeeees :)

I am in!

Yeahhhh Captain.
Thanks for joining :)

I am In!
Thank you from the bottom of my minnow heart!

This is a lovely comment :)
I am glad to see you here.

I found out about you from @flauwy. He is an awesome content provider and friend to minnows far and wide!
Thanks @Lymmerik

I am in!

I am in!

I am your fan ))
I am in.

I believe you that 100 % you prooved already so often. I appreciate that. :)

I am in! Awesome giveaway and best of luck to everyone :D

Thank you for that and for joining.

I am in

@modernpastor this is VERY generous!
I am in

Thank you and good luck to everyone!
(And thank you @goldendawne for sharing this!)

I think that must be how I found it too. 6 months! wow! How time flies...

Haven't seen you around abookworm, I hope you are healthy and well!

Wow! This would be an incredible win!

Thank you so much for the chance!

I am in! for sure!

But the funny or not funny thing is....I don't know who won.

And in 6 months of way I can go back all the way to find the winning announcement.

Oh well!! I sure hope modern pastor is doing well and happy! His Rep has gone up so much. So that is good for him!

I am in!

Generous soul you are! Good luck everyone!

Thanks for your lovely Comment :)

I am in!

Keep the good content rolling

Thank you, ​my friend :)
I will give my best. Thanks for joining.

im in , and i hope i win im sick of getting only a few cents a post

Thanks that you joined.
Let me tell you that you are able to change this. Honestly, I believe that you can earn more than​ few cents.
But it takes some time​ and effort, ​my friend :)

I am in.
Still very new to steemit and learning my way round the community. So far everyone seems to be very open and sharing. I'm starting to like it here, and look forward to seeing it grow.

This is really good to hear :)
Welcome to this wonderful community.

I am sure that you will find more people who want to help you if you need it :) just be friendly and ask.

Wish you good luck in this giveaway.

im in ,

a pink jump suit and high heels

Really this is pretty low of an idea as really all it is buying support. Not very original. I am not part of the flock. Greed always attracts the masses. Create original content that is something that provides something beneficial to society as whole. Cheap gimmicks and games, WWJD?

@naturalguy No Problem if you don't​ like this giveaway. Wish you all the best :)

hey wheres my monies , you promised me some steem dollars , and im sitting here planing on what to do with it and weather the power in steem will affect me or go to my head and your just not coming through , whats going on !!!!!

@tonyboney I ask you please not to spread lies.
Thank you.

hey i never said you had a sense of humour , what you on about
ps what sort of pasta do you make

oh nearly forgot , still coming round tonight for the poker game, chris and dave will be there , ive got a crate in , wink wink nudge nudge

I'm in. Looking forward to following you and reading your future posts.

Thank you, ​my friend :)

Can i still join the contest

I am in!
Good luck to you and us all :)

Thanks that you are in :)

fantastic :) Thanks for joining.

This post has received a 6.37 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @modernpastor.

HA HA, just found ya from a resteem, noticed this giveaway.

I'm iiiiiiin, yo!

~Thomas Duder, Author of the Things

I am in

It's great to see you here :)

Good to see you here :)

Upvoted and resteemed. I am in :-)

Great! It's good to see you here :)

I'm in :) Resteemed

I am really happy that you join my friend :)

Great to see you here.

I AM IN. :) now your follower. :D :D

I Am in! :)

Good to see you here.

Nice Thing. I am in :)

Thank you, ​my friend :)

wow I can see that you are comming up with new initiative that will help our community..keep it up.

I mentioned you in my latest blog post, feel free to check it out...wish you more success

Thank you, my friend, ​for all your support. I will never forget that :)
definitely​, ​I​ will check that out :)

welcome ...keep steeming

I am in :) Resteemed

Great. Nice Profile Picture ;)

I am in !
Followed &resteemed.

Good to see you here :)

I am in!
Followed &resteemed.

Great that you are in :)

Thanks for joining :)

Thanks for joining :)
It's good to see you here :)

So lets try it... no pain no gain :D

Exactly :) Thanks for joining.

You can talk in german to me if you want :D giggles :D

Gut zu wissen ^^
Toll das du dabei bist :)

Good to see you here :)

Thanks for joining.

great giveaway ;)

I am in!

Thanks my friend :)
Nice to hear it from you.

Woww! This one is pretty amazing! Nice one @modernpastor 😀 followed you and resteemed this post. Yay, winners will be so lucky. I'll just cross my fingers haha!

"I AM IN! "

Thanks for joining :)
Glad to see you here.

This is funny! I am in^^

Yeeees my friend.

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Thanks for joining :)

I am in! Thanks ;-) Nice Game UP & RD

Thanks for this compliment :)

Thanks for joining :)

I am in! Sweet giveaway

Thank you for that :)

sure! I am in!

Great to see you here my friend :)
I hope you are fine?

yeah, great contest - I am totally tired since yesterday, now watching Bayern getting undressed by Paris lol

Wow, thats great! I am in!
Ich hoffe, nicht nur Jungs gewinnen ;-)
Wünsche dir einen schönen Tag!

Toll das du dabei bist.
Hey du hast mich gerade auf eine tolle Idee gebracht ;)

Ui, na da bin ich ja echt gespannt, wozu ich dich inspiriert habe ;-)

Das wirst du noch sehen :)

I am in =) Resteemed mate keep up the good work!

Great that you are in :)

Nice idea!
Good luck everyone!
I am in!

Yeeees :) Thanks for joining :)

Keep up the good work !
But you could have reduced the gift a little bit.
75SBD is no easy achievements.
I am in!

Thanks for joining :)
It is serious for me and I​ hope that my giveaway​ shows that otherwise, ​i wouldn't​ do it :)

Ok.. Good luck though !
Happy to be a part of this.

This is nice :)

thanks so much for having me

Great to see you here ^^

Thank you. Looking forward to reading what you have to share :)

I am in!

I am in! :)

Thanks for joining.

I am in, my friend! :)

Thanks for joining​ my friend :)

I'm in! I look forward to the contest but more your written stuff. Thx for the gaw

Great :)
I'm glad to hear that :)