LAST DAY! Join Our UPVOTE MY POST Contest Today

in #giveaway5 years ago

Hello Dear Steemians,

Before the day ends, don't forget to share your post URL with us for a chance to win our ongoing contest!



Get a chance to win one of two FREE upvotes from @minnowfairy!
Nominate your post in the comments section below to enter.
For full contest details and requirements, click here.


I send 0.050 SBD $ to you yesterday with memo:
But, you did not upvote .Why?
Please, upvote my memo or refund. Thank you.

Hi @billionairehein, thanks for your feedback. We will send you your 0.050 SBD refund shortly. We will also send you another 0.100 SBD for highlighting this to us. Sorry for your inconvenience, and thank you for using our service.

Sorry. I ask because of I do not explain your service clearly.
Thank you for your attention.

Hi @billionairehein. Basically, you can send us a bid -- minimum 0.200 SBD or STEEM -- and we will upvote your post once we reach 100% Voting Power. Your bid yesterday did not go thru since you were below the minimum bid of 0.200 SBD.

Hope this helps. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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