2 year anniversary [giveaway]

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Today marks my two year anniversary on Steemit. For a mostly unemployed artist it has been a great experience and has provided me a lot. Last year in return I did a month long streak of daily art giveaways, which was super fun, but also maybe just a little bit over the top. I’ve spend some of my rewards on various luxuries and useful things from washing machine to painting software, some I spent on little mementos and curiosities that coincidently would also be nice things to post about.


One of them is this beautiful silver coin in shape of a sea turtle. It is quite an extraordinary item and I would love to keep it for sure; but as it is, I have an exhibition bill to pay along with other expenses, so I have decided to offer it as a sacrifice to please the gods of rewards and crypto prices or in other words; it is going to be my anniversary giveaway this year.

Here are the specifics:

The 2017 Palau silver turtle comes with face value of 10$ and is made of .999 silver weighing 45 grams, with a limited mintage of 999 pieces. It comes in a eloquent turquoise box with certificate of authenticity. Whether you are a silver enthusiast or a turtle appreciator, I’m sure you would love have this in your collection.




To participate in the giveaway please upvote this post and resteem it.
Leave a comment below to let me know of your participation and I will select a random winner after the payout period and mail the prize.

Thank you all for these years and good luck!

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Happy 2nd anniversary! I remember the previous one :D
Upvoted as usual, and resteemed!


lol, yeah that was something. I am glad to see you participating again. Thank you Marty and good luck!

upvoted and resteemed!
congrats on 2 years!

Wow that is really cool. I don't think I've ever seen anything like that.

2 years! How does it feel to be an early early early adopter? Congrats!

Upvoted resteemed

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Oh yeah , it is nice and i thought it was something i really needed when i saw it. It has been really great to have been able to see lot of interesting things develop here and how creative the community can be. Thank you and good luck!

I'm a beginner stacker and would LOVE to have such a unique piece in my collection! As a fellow artist I understand your struggle <3 It's hard. I upvoted and resteemed your post!

Good luck!


Thank you @soyrosa and good luck to you!

An amazing prize! Congrats on your second anniversary!
Upvoted and resteemed.


Yes, it is a pretty thing. Thank you and good luck!

Wow, beautiful piece!! My daughter loves turtles, and it would be a good addition to her collection!! Upvoted and re-steemed.


Turtles are amazing. I would like to see it go to good hands ) Thank you and good luck!

Upvoted and resteemed.
Great giveaway that is a sweet silver turtle to say the least, I had no idea Palau had such high end stuff minted.


Oh yes, I had no clue such things were even made until i saw one and then had to have it. Thank and good luck!

I didn't know about this kind of coins, Silvia! It is beautiful!
Upvoted and resteemed!

What a stunning little turtle! I love it. Upvoted & resteemed as requested. Such a great giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity. 🐢


Yeah, It is quite something. Thank you and good luck!

Wow two years! Congratulations. Done & done. Thanks for the chance @mikkolyytinen!

Congratulations i had my one year Steemiversary last month and i hope to use my rewards one day to purchase some coins like that myself.


Thank you! I hope you can as well

Very generous of you. I would like to enter. Upvoted and resteemed.👍


I have received a lot over the time here too. Thank you and good luck!


I have received a
Lot over the time here too.
Thank you and good luck!

                 - mikkolyytinen

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Congratulation. Upvoted and resteemed!


Thank you and good luck!

Thanks for sharing the loot! I have upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you and good luck!

Upvoted & Resteemed. I want to win!
And congratz on 2 years of SteemIt :D


I can't blame you :) Thank you and good luck!

Happy second anniversary!!!


Thank you Silvia :) Good luck!

Congratulations and thank you sir.


Thank you and good luck for the draw

And congrats on two years anniversary!

Congrats friend!
I really like the turtle! Regards!


It is nice, thank you

Beautiful turtles you have there!!
You must be a great artist to create such mouth gaping masterpieces.

I noted you said you are an " unemployed artist" How is that when you create valuable masterpieces for the art hungry market; not undermining your regular exhibition shows @mikkolyytinen


thank you, the turtle is not my creation ofcourse just something i bought.
anyway the market is not so hot for art here and im not so marketable it seem. i am officially unemployed and i pay my studio rents and all that from those benefits meant for basic living. so this is just luxury item i may have better left in ebay at the time.

As usually I participate :D Last year I was very lucky, who knows this year!!!
Finger crossed ;D


I can always count on you :) Good luck!


Yes sir! 😎

Wow two years, happy anniversary!

big ups on two years .. keep up the fine posts!


Thank you and good luck!

Upvoted and restreamed congrats on 2 years

Congrats Mikko! You probably know, that you‘re one of my favorite artists at Steemit and I‘m quite happy, that you stayed here with us for such a long time. Keep it up!


Thank you @shortcut, that is very nice to hear. Good luck in the draw!

Congratulations! By chance, I just came across your article because I was interested in the competition. But then I first looked at your profile and I like your artwork very much. Especially those that you draw with the pen. I want to be able to do that too. I try it again and again! Your art inspires me. Keep it up, I have subscribed to you!


Thank you @hatoto , i am glad to hear that. Drawing is a skill you can pick up , so keep at it. Good luck!

Nice turtle! Upvoted & Resteemed, hope to see your work here for many more years.


Always a pleasure, thank you very much and goodluck!

Two years is a big accomplishment, so congratulations @mikkolyytinen! This is a very interesting piece for anyone to have in their stack. Upvoted and resteemed


Thank you @knowledge-seeker and good luck!

Congratulations on the 2yr anniversary. That is some achievement and I believe this is just the beginning of something amazing.

Count me in on this fantastic giveaway. Upvoted and resteemed for you


Thank you @welshstacker it will be interesting to see how things go from here. Good luck!

Happy Anniversary! Wishing you all the best!


Thank you and good luck to you!

Great idea and great giveaway!
You mentioned that you are giving this turtle because of a bill you have to pay, so why not create a raffle for it? A lot of people are doing raffles, especially for silver and I believe that its gonna be more profitable for you and help you pay your bill!
People are selling 1 STEEM/SBD raffle tickets for no so awesome pieces with less value than your turtle.

I believe that I'm not the only one believing that it's unfair to let that piece go for 2$ worth of upvotes, consider the fact that you have a bill you want to pay with that amount of money.


⬆️Yeah, what @kouloumos said. It's a lovely piece and would be a shame for it to go for next to nothing.


Thats true, i will consider it


Thank you very much, raffle is a good idea. i was kind of hoping for some more votes here. I can't switch it completely ,but I will have to think about it over night if i am alright with adding the option to buy some extra chances at this point

Congratulations on 2 years. I just started in march but I love this community.


Yeah, almost can't believe it's been that long already. Thank you and good luck @bethvalverde!


Congratulations @bethvalverde, you've won. I've sent you a note for how you can send me your address

Oh my gosh, this is awesome! I love turtles and even use one that Overkillcoin designed for me as my signature. His name is 'Ono. If I win your contest, I would name him the same. :)
Ono footer.png

I have upvoted and resteemed.

Also, I got a little excited about the coin, but I don't want to forget to say "Happy Anniversary!!!"


That is an awesome signature. Thank you and good luck!


Having overkillcoin gift the pic to me was one of the coolest things that has happened to me on Steemit.

Thanks for doing the giveaway. I'm glad I can be part of it. :D