Gas Spouts Giveaway! ~ ~ ENTER HERE ⛽︎ ~ EDIT - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

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Enter Giveaway Here

WINNER IS @nightngale49

To enter the giveaway, please leave a comment below that includes the coupon code for 20% off your purchase at It's that simple! The Coupon code is AAH20off Just include it with your comment!

Below is the original video we did with so you can watch that below.


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I showed your first video about these spouts to my husband the other day because we were both complaining about using the gas cans to fill our tractor. It's such a hassle to spend extra time just to OPEN the dang things! This would be awesome to win! AAH20OFF


Yay!! Thank you guys! I'm contacting you now!

GREAT! shoot me an email on the contact page of our website.

Just sent!! Thank you guys so much! I'm excited to get these, and I know my husband is going to LOVE them! Haha

My family and I are in the process of building our off grid homestead in the Ouachita mountains. You are correct, it is a pain in the keister to use those modern fuel spouts that come with today’s fuel cans and after watching your last video I purchased a couple of these for my various fuel cans using the coupon code AAH20off from I have several fuel cans that could use an additional gas spout. Thanks again for the introduction of these gas spouts. They are awesome.

Hey! You're not that far from us! Glad to have you here!

We really need this as we have 5 diesel cans, 2 gas cans and the chain saw can. AAH20off

We have a bunch of these now and they work great!

Very kewl design...gotta get some of these!

They are totally worth the small cost and shipping and with the discount code, you can't go wrong. I'm so glad we got them. The other nozzels are so frustrating.

I have a bunch of old gas cans with those stupid spouts. At last there's an alternative! Thanks Zach. Looks like I need to start saving my change. AAH20off

Great! Yeah they work awesome! Even with shipping they are pretty affordable especially with the discount code. And they are made in the USA. I'm so sick of crappy chinese goods.

Zack! We are soooo excited to be here on Steemit and it's mostly because of your encouragement. Thank you! As for this super cool gas nozzle....well this is an modern day marvel my friend! Lol. Just one of those things that was literally plaguing all of us and what'da know... someone came up with an answer! We need at least one of these here for our homestead. Please keep up all your hard work and encouragement helps us all. AAH20off

Thanks for your kind words! They mean a lot!

Zac, this is Texas Dad, we would like to come visit your Homestead some time, we are only about 5 hours away.

My wife complains of my gas all the time, these would be very helpful! 😂 AAH20off

Haha! :)


Yup, bought one could always use another. AAH20off has awesome customer service, they gave live updates on the order via facebook. I've never had a company so diligent in updating the order status. Highly recommended. Steem on! @ironshield

AAH20off I'm always fighting with my gas cans so I could really use one.

I ordered a couple of these and it reminds me of pouring gas without government intrusion!AAH20off

LOL! Totally!

AAH20offcoupon !!! I hope I did that right it would be awesome to win sure would make it easy to fill my push mower up !! Sorry I new to the steemit I just made the account 2 weeks ago and have been trying to learn this system. Love your videos!

Haha! agreed!

Back because I forgot to upvote and re steemit!

AAH20off, always love your video's.

I hate those new cans. upvoted

Aah, the good old days, when gas poured like physics says it should, not the government. Thanks for the giveaway. aah20off

LOL, now that's the truth!

STEEMy gas, not sure that's a good combo. I really enjoy the videos, keep up the good work. AAH20off

Thanks for watching!

AAH20off. I could definitely use it!! Great video as always


Awesome Awesome!!! Thanks Zach! AAH20off

Show me the Mo.....GAS SPOUTS!!! AAH20off

AAH20off - fingers crossed!

Following you over from Youtube. I was just starting to post Making/Maker type videos over there and I will be moving over here to keep things in two places. AAH20off These would definitely help out! Thanks for all that you and your family is doing for the homesteading community.

Oh these will have to be wonderful, the originals were a real load of bull!!aah20off

I would love one of these. It can be such a pain to fill my riding mower with the child proof one!

I feel your pain!

No more smelling like gas because your can leaked.... ALL OVER!!! AAH20off

It's a great idea. AAH20off

AAH20off. FYI: if you are buying several, free shipping can be greater discount.

AAH20off i hate my gas tanks! Cant get them open or they leak in differnt parts just a mess. Absolutly cant stand them.


I saw your original Video for these. I could definitely use some of those! AAH20off

I have a couple of these on my future purchase list, but wouldn't mind getting 1 now though! AAH20off

AAH20off. Would be great for my kerosene and other gas cans.

My husband is so excited about these new spouts. He hates the the "safety" spouts. Great giveaway! Thanks Zach! AAH20off

AAH20off. I have several gas cans with those hated spouts. EZ-Pour spouts look like they will work great.

Would be awesome to have a few to replace my stupid original gas spouts.AAH20off

AAH20off I would love one of theses I hate the gas cans you get now a days

Thank for all video and info

Thanks AAH20off
Finally someone has re-invented the gas spout. I'm tired of "fixing" the broken ones that come with my new ones :)

Hi Zach - - These sprouts look great. AAH20OFF

Hi Zach - - these spouts looked great. AAH20OFF

I just picked up a couple 5 gal cans from wally world. I'm in big need of new spouts now. UGG AAH20off

It is the little aggravations in life like gas can spouts that can really get ya going! AAH20off would love to have a little less aggravation when filling the generator or lawn mower.

They look great, can't wait to try one! AAH20off

AAH20off - Re posting my comment from the first video! I will admit I have not ordered mine yet, so winning one would be nice!

"I'm going to have to check this out, the can I have now is terrible and broke. The flow stopper switch doesn't work so I end up having to pour out the gas very slowly. I do remember the old gas can that my dad had growing up. Looked very much like this one."

Im so glad i followed you here. A new gas spout for an one of my old gas cans would be great. Thanks for the coupon code AAH20off!

AAH20off. I dislike the Walmart gas can spouts 😬 ran out of gas on the side of the road once in my guzzling truck, it took 30mins to an 1hr to put fuel back in. Talk about sore arms! Like your vids, watched you on you tube, transferred to steemit to watch you here!


Hello Jacob, glad to see you on Steemit! @lturner and I met you at the park at Chesaning. The Turners. @ironshield

AAH20off. This looks like a great poduct! I could definitely use one. The last time I used my chinamart can, I did everything right and still had to hold spout open and had gas dribble all over my hand.

Last year I helped a coworker clean his yard after the great flood in Louisiana and found a stranded gas can along with the rest of the junk that drifted by. Couldn't beat a free gas can, how about a free EZ-pour too? AAH20off

Love your channel. AAH20off. This new spout would really come in handy!!!! Pick me!!!

AAH20off....Eli would love this. He hates filling up the mower because he ends up spilling it.

Hi Zach, I've been cursing the new spouts since i no longer could find new cans with the old ones. Thanks for bringing this product up on your channel. AAH20off

I remember many years ago spouts like these. Would love to own another so I do not have to figure out how to use the new ones. Oh yeah, here is the code "AAH20off"

AAH20off I could several of these.

AAH20oFF I need a good spout

Id love me a better gas spout or 2! AAH20off

AAH20off , great channel



AAH20off I'd love to try one of these out!

Current spouts give me more of a headache than running out of fuel 1/2 mile from the can. AAH20off

I hate those stupid "China" Mart spots. Glad to get the AAH20off coupon code. Thanks guys.

AAH20off I have at least one can that needs a replacement.
Thanks for doing this!

I could use it, one of my older blitz cans spout retainer is cracked, thanks for the chance to enter. coupon code: AAH20off

here is the 20% off code AAH20off
I need about 4 of those things, lol. all of my gas jugs have those stupid short pain in the rump "things" that just don't work!
Love your channel, I made a steam it account and am slowly trying to figure this all out so I can bring my YouTube stuff over here too.
Shalom brother

signed up - need confirmation, will it work any way? nope, took another day to get all set
all because of that AAH20off is my most needed item :) you have no idea what I do to pour gas in my tank from a 5 gal can - the super safe spout can, yup! I take the darn thing off, use a funnel, pour it into a smaller 2 gal can which has a "normal" spout (but does not fit the new can and no vent hole....) a barely 100 pond little thing cannot use the safe spout can!

We have several gas and diesel cans with the "adult proof" spouts, and only 1 old spout that really works, so we keep swapping it around. I would love to win the Gas Spout. I will be using the code AAH20off to get a few more as well.

Yes way cool gas spout! AAH20off

AAH20off. It won't sit on the shelf!