Steemit Roulette Giveaway #20 - Try your luck to win - 100% SBD Payout

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Hey all!..Time for the daily steemit Roulette! - Who wants to try and win some free Steem dollars?!

How does it work?

Everyone who enters upvotes and picks a number between 1 - 37 (37 is substituting 0 so if you ask for 0 it will actually be 37...), at the end of the post I will use a random number generator to decide the winning number and 100% of the SBD will be shared evenly among the winner/winners. In the event no one picks the winning number 100% of the SBD will be rolled over to the next draw for a even bigger prize. So playing daily is worth it as a bigger prize might pop up one day randomly!

This is an interesting game as there is some strategy, play the same number every time to eventually hit or go random? choose your lucky number that someone else already has or pick a new number? remember if two or more people pick the winning number the winnings will be split.

It is worth playing every day because rollovers can and do pop up after, draw 3 will be our first rollover draw!

What do I need to do?

To enter all you need to do is upvote this post and leave a comment that you have entered - and choose a number between 1 -37 and put it in your comment (you MUST comment and upvote for your vote to be counted - if you do not the prize will go to other winners or rollover)...That's all! If you choose to resteem then more people will see and payouts will be higher.

What If i Resteem?

A resteem can help payouts so a resteem instantly earns you double entry and you can pick 2 numbers! (if you have already upvoted, if you have not upvoted a resteem gets you one entry), if you resteem please mention it in the comments or it may not be counted.

How much will I get paid?

I will be giving away 100% of the Steem dollars this post makes, and it will be split equally between those who chose the winning number. or rolled over to next spin. Payouts have been as small as 0.14 SBD and as high as 1.877 SBD on a rollover (its all down to how much weight said votes carry). After the spin ends I will do a update post with numbers and payouts.

When will I get the payout?

The payouts will be processed after the post has paid out, 100% of the steem dollars will be distributed to the lucky winners or rolled over to the next draw so it pays to play daily. If you have not entered earlier draws you can do so here and have upto close of those posts to do so.

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#steemit roulette spin 16
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#steemit roulette spin 18

Also please feel free to ask for followers here. This is a great way for new people to try and win some free steem dollars and get followers! you might even get paid some curation rewards for your upvote!If you like these contests please follow for more!

I will no longer be verifying each entry with a comment reply as it is eating up to much bandwidth, but rest assured I am checking everything and verifying all resteems and votes.

If you are looking for more free 100% steem dollar giveaways and random articles then follow me.

Thats it! :)

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upvote 23

And where do I see what number won yesterday?

upvoted - 9
restreemed - 29

8 please.. upvoted 👌

19 upvoted
30 resteemed

upvote - 7
Resteem - 36

upvoted - 28

upvoted -17
resteamed - 27

upvoted ..and number is 3

upvoted 12

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UV - 26
RS - 27


resteemed :) 0 and 1!

No.11 up vote
No.26 resteem



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Upvoted and Resteemed :) 9 and 31


0 y 29

upvote my number 19

Upvoted, 6 please.

upvoted and reteemed 2 and 30

32 please bud :)