2nd Giveaway: 10% upvote from me to to 10 people just for commenting

in #giveaway3 years ago

Giveaway (2).png

Hi guys i am in a very giving mood again today and i want to give 10% upvotes to 10 people who comment on my post:)

Rules are very simple.

Make a comment on my post and in 3 hours i will pick 10 people to get 10% upvote each:)



This is a nice initiative, Steemit needs these kind of community initiatives.
On another note have you seen the @realwolf post about getting seem on to coinbase? Check it out, its another great idea and worth esteeming to add as much exposure as possible. Cheers!

Yea i saw the post but i don't see a star when i login to coinbase?
But omg can you imagine the steem price if it happened and how much i could give:)

I want to thank you so VERY much for the upvote, support and thank you VERY much for your generosity and kindness! It means the world to me! Individuals like you make STEEMIT so VERY special and great! I'm so VERY sorry to hear about your wifes mom. Your'e all in my thoughts and prayers! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

You are in such a wonderful mood this weekend! I am so glad that you have so much joy from giving without expecting anything in return!
I salute you for your generosity and selflessness in giving all you money to your wife’s families in the Philippines!
What an interesting life!

All the best.

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Thank you so much. My wifes mom died a few months ago, and really want my wife to see her sisters and father for Christmas. Its soo very expensive to travel. i just checked the prices and the cheapest is over 3.200$

Yes! Air tickets are very expensive. I could not travel overseas as I wished either.

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That is being so generous !

You are someone with a good karma @macbaren

You are someone of generosity

Thanks. I do my best to help everyone:)

! hope you do it every day ;)

Yes please @macbaren you da man 👊

Thanks @macbaren for this giveaway.

10% sounds awesome mate!

I'm in!

Thanks @macbaren

You are welcome. i love you give :)

A wonderful initiative!

thank you so much :) I try to help as many as i can

thank u
have a nice day @macbaren

Good job..
I like your giveaway

hello @macbaren
i'm new here
follow me

I'm late, but I still have hope for tomorrow ...😊😊😊

10 % is so valuable for us..

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