Simple Steem Giveaway Upvote and resteem to win

in giveaway •  last year

Welcome to a simple free steem giveaway All you need to do is
#1 upvote
#2 resteem
#3 (optional follow for more give aways)
you can win free SBD when the post reaches payout! all of the SBD earned from this post will be given to one random person I will use @dorabot to pick 1 random winner all the steem power will be used for future give aways!!
Good luck and Thanks for your time


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Upvoted and Resteemed :)


You got a 45.45% upvote from @smartwhale courtesy of @jmehta! Earn 85% Daily Payout by delegating SP to smartwhale. Check this post for information about delegation. Make me strong!

very fun, I'm @rizal taking part

Nice and simple contest...I'm in, i have done all that is required.

Count me in!