The Maze #1 we have the two winners

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I did a contest called The Maze, you had to find your way through from start to finish to win Sbd.

We have the two winners, it didn't take them long to find there way through the maze.
It was quick and I'm glad they did it so here's there prize each winner got .5 Sbd for free.

Winner number 1 was @eeeps.sh7, thank you for trying the maze out. 0.5 Sbd was added to your wallet.

Winner nunber 2 was @branthebuilder, even though it took him some time to follow the rules he's still the second winner, thank you also for trying out the maze 0.5 Sbd was added to your wallet.

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Here's the payment proof of the winners:

Some new badges I earned



Thank you @godofbit , I got the prize.

Your welcome