Winners of Sticker Giveaway!

in giveaway •  3 months ago

Thank you to everyone who entered my art stickers giveaway!


The 2 lucky winners of 2 ark of my newest printed stickers by random draw are....!

@trucklife-family !

Since this is a real physical object, I'm gonna need a real physical address to send them to! You can send an address to me in the comments or on


For the rest of you, you can buy the stickers with STEEM - or "real money" on peerhub: !

Thank you for playing, I will be back with more artsy giveaways in the future! <3

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@frejafri, they are so beautiful! Great job!

Thank you @frejafri, I am very excited to have won these, I will email you my address xxx

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To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

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That's pretty good art, I'm impressed

Wow! Great, thanks. My son has already picked out the sticker he wants! Will send over my address now xx