One of a kind ~ Steem Bottle Opener

in giveaway •  last year

I will be making these for whoever wants them moving forward but this is a practice prototype and will be a one of a kind produced.

I'm giving it away, to the winner of this post.

You do not need to resteem

You do not need to upvote 

You do not need to follow me

I'm going to leave your entry 100% up to you, I am not making any rules.

All you need to do is reply to this post. 

I will pick one winner to receive this bottle opener completely based on your reply.

LOL, have fun. Read my blog if you want to figure out the type of responses I would enjoy.

Contest ends on 11/20/2017, Good Luck

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I will open many beers with this wonderful apparatus.


Hahahaa, I love the self proclaimed winners attitude.


"If you're not first you're last"

  • Ricky Bobbys Degenerate Dad



That is a powerful move, it's dangerous too.


That is a really cleaver reply!

Thanks again for all your support your votes help alot!. hahah when there is only one set of footprint in the sand, It's when you are carrying me!


We can all use a friend or two as we journey but know that if you only see one set of prints we are both being carried.

Looks like something @marcel1965 may want to try and win

Fuck I want to open my beers with this! You have my upvote and two (yes 2!) platypuses:

Please take good care of them and give them plenty of love!

Quick fun fact about platypuses: They are one of the few mammals with electroreception.


I have no idea how you made them, nor have I ever seen a real Platypus, but they look alive. I don't think there is a kid alive that wouldn't want one, hell I want one and I have way to much stuff. I have to find something cool to offer as a trade lol

You are one cleaver dude. My mind locked for a minute as I thought "I don't want the bottle opener, I have enough stuff" and "I need to upvote and comment. . .shit I can't. . .wait . . .what?"
Well it's my upvote and I'll use it if I want to, use it if I want to, and you can give the opener away too. You always make me think.
The creation is pretty cool, the contest cooler, I still don't want it! I do want to know what it's made of though?


Stainless steel, for you my friend I will print "I Believe In the Good Things Coming" You can just open soda with it.


Don't drink soda, but a good beer comes in a bottle ;) Deal!

Here I came, fully intended to follow all rules governing this competition because a bottle opener is absolutely what I needed.

Upvoting, commenting, sharing 20 times on both Crackbook and twatter. You should have named it, I would have done it.

Talk about motivation killer. harumph


I didn't say you couldn't do all those wonderful things, I just said I wasn't forcing all of that to win a contest I am hosting.

This is totally cool. I am gonna DM you about making some of these in time for YART in May to giveaway as a promotional item. I am working out the design


Color me stupid, what is YART? (this is your opening to plug it shamelessly, whatever it is?)


YART is a yard sale for art. The only rules are you have to make it or create it yourself. And nothing can be over $40. I go to nearly every YART and this last YART I promoted steemit. Next time I want to pass out some freebie stuff and not just informational flyers. (I went as far as having a STEEMIT banner made for my booth)


No problem, just let me know

That is so cool I love seeing steemart and steem inspired products I hope I win or someone else awesome does

Slick. I like it, man.

Awesome. Thanks and when I'm on my computer I'll hit the upvote... Mobile acting funny :) hope I get that... Maybe it will be an ornament on my desk when we start live streaming from here in Toronto. Radiofusion wellness stories and mentoring plus more...connection

@karensuestudios you are the winner, please DM me your address