The Soar Project Announced Amazing Contest | "Soar Drones and 35,000 Soar Tokens Give Away!”

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Hi my dear loving ❤️ Steemians Friends...

Today I would like to inform you that an amazing contest can win Drones and 35,000 Soar Tokens from Soar Bounty, doing very simple tasks.. A Few days ago, in Soar Bounty Thread, They ware announced about this "Soar Drones Give Away!”.. You also can join to this amazing contest and can win up to Drones and 35,000 Soar Tokens..

First of all, let's know what the Soar is…?

Soar is a decentralized global platform for the distribution and monetization of drone content. The Soar platform is designed to offer a democratized marketplace that connects customers with content creators in a secure, trustless and distributed community.

Let's take a look into General Requirements for Soar Drones and Soar Tokens Give Away:

To qualify to participate, you should have these requirements:

1. Tokeneed UID number. (I will guide you, in here to get a Tokeneed UID for free.)
2. Telegram user ID.
3. Email address.

For drone rewards, winners will only receive an email from: for further information and delivery details to their claim rewards.

What are the Event #1 Rewards?

Content: Promoter who invites most members to Soar TGE Group will get a set of DJI Goggles (RRP $709) as the reward.

1st Place
DJI Googles + 2000 Soar Tokens
2nd Place
2000 Tokens
3rd Place
1500 Tokens
4th Place
1000 Tokens
5th Place
800 Tokens
6th - 10th Places
500 Tokens

Event #2 Rewards

Event #3 Rewards

When Soar group members reach to 10,000, Soar will launch a lucky draw with participant’s Tokeneed UID number.

Goal Reward
Gift Reward
10,000+ users in group
5,000 SKYM
DJI Spark Drones*6(RRP $629 each)

Now I will guide you step by step, how to participate in this Drone Contest correctly.. I think all of you will have an Email address and Telegram ID's..

So, First I will guide you how to create Tokeneed UID..

  1. Go to this link: and Signup in Tokeneed using an Email address..
  2. Log in to Tokeneed account..
  3. When you log in to Tokeneed Account, They will ask your MyEtherWallet Address to receive your rewards of Soar Tokens.. When you adding your MyEtherWallet Address, They ask for an "Alias of new Withdraw Address" Add some kind of name like "Mywallet" to Alias field and Add your MyEtherWallet Address to Tokeneed account..

  4. There should be an icon on the right side, top of the Tokeneed page.. Move your mouse cursor on it and click "My Profile".

  5. In Profile settings, there will be your Tokeneed UID of 10 numbers digits. Copy that UID number.

Now I will guide you on how to participate in Soar Drones Give Away..

  1. First, go to SoarEarthBot using this link:
  2. Then Click Start on SoarEarthBot
  3. In the SoarEarthBot Menu, Click on "Submit information(Required)"

  4. Submit your Tokeneed UID and Email Address to SoarEarthBot
  5. After submitting your details go to Main Menu, Clicking Back To main menu
  6. Click on the "Lucky Draw" in the Main Menu..

  7. There will be some special link for you.. Copy it and open it on a web browser..
  8. In the Soar Lucky Draw, try to Win DJI Tello Drone or Soar Tokens by clicking Start.

  9. You can earn more points by referring friends and chatting on Soar Official Telegram Group.
  10. 10 points per invite, Individual members of the Soar TGE group will get 5 points per day by chatting 5 times, each comment has to be more than five words to be counted and make sense.

If you want to find out Official Introductions about this "Drones and Soar Tokens Give Away", follow this link:

More Information about Soar Project:

Official Webpage:
Campaign Special Link:
Official Telegram Group:
Official Twitter:
Official Instagram:
Official Facebook:
Official ANN Thread:
Official Bounty Thread:
Krypital Bounty Group:
Krypital News:

My congratulations to all of my Steemians Friends will able to win Drones and Soar Tokens.. If you found this article is important, Don't forget to upvote and Resteem with your followers..

My dear loving ❤️ Steemians Friends.. Wish you all have a Happy Day...!

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Nicely arranged. This is how any ICO review article should be. Keep up the good work.
I'm a crypto investor too so as for the project, it will be so cool of it would get successful in the future