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Giveaway 250219

These Steemit users entered successfully!
@cyberspacegod @src3 @steemitja

There will only be one winner,

but everyone has a chance, and all players share the curation reward.

These are the Rules
1 You must follow @Darkflame
2 up vote this post,
3 resteem it to your followers,
4 upvote one other recent post I've made, and
5 comment below "show me the steem!"


That's it.

Contest closes when the post pays out, and I will make it a new post to announce the winner!

These are our amazing giveaway players!

Make sure to complete all steps!

@darkflame, @phusionphil, @merryslamb, @ronel, @nagavolu, @designpod, @retinart, @mrstark2u, @kurtco, @lovelyworld, @justinashby, @oneshot, @shila, @garrettwallace, @kiddady, @jenina619, @stokjockey, @steemitboard, @noemilunastorta, @cpl-17, @michaellang, @millibot, @champion-king, @shila, @sifondeseltz
@maxer27, @em3di, @cyberspacegod, @jokossita, @mdf-365, @travoved, @jafa, @natalii46, @stepway174rus, @butanopropan, @maximcracker, @mrarturs, @goldsphex, @russianrockmusic, @empress-katy, @thatterrioguy, @sketch17, @sticksforstones, @mellowrain, @steemadventures, @drago18121996, @fedesox, @adamt, @yehey, @monsterstamer, @nymia.aryn, @phyowinkoko, @mariyem, @marcobus, @sketch17, @pinoy, @sbi9, @itsfall173, @jmehta, @steeming-hot, @itsfall173, @xchng, @chunumunu, @tommyl33, @zedikaredirect, @xchng, @dedekpase, @antonio.vlasov,@rehanrhapsody, @bidesign, @antonio.vlasov, @angrytwin, @nanobot, @canon12, @stepshotfoto, @shenan, @mariasolorzano, @da-dawn, @sd974201, @kr7753191, @oneshot, @sacred-agent, @tereman, @francelys, @thetroublenotes, @sacred-agent, @fredkese, @kofie, @warofcraft, @zedikaredirect, @snowbird, @dylanhobalart, @followforupvotes, @cathynsons, @helpyou, @minerspost, @steeming-hot @cathynsons, @thekitchenfairy @saffisara @mcoinz79 @armonhammer @joejoekeys @ran.koree @thetroublenotes, @kazi799


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@cyberspacegod You Win +0.046 STEEM !!

Keep Playing- Keep Winning!

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Dear darkflame:

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Thank You ^-^


You have had good luck!

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True, I've won quite a few times now, but, for the god of cyberspace there is no luck!! xP

Just joking, I don't believe in luck or misfortune, would prefer to call it statistics and probability =P, given the fact that I do participate quite a lot and there are not too many participants there is a greater probability of winning ^^P (Pretty much followed Your advice, keep playing, keep winning)

Kinda Feel Like God

Thank You for making this giveaway and for interacting with everyone, also I've just remembered, have You made more music? (gotta search for the link of the music You've made, I think I've missed it from favourites somehow =X)

Nice! :D

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Show me the steem

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Show me the steem

Steemit Mandela Effect?