🎁 Team Steemit Giveaway 🎁 CSGO + Galagan's Island: Reprymian Rising + Flobe

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Hello, gamer steemians. This month we have a very nice giveaway. First of all, we have a nice fresh copy of csgo :)

🎁Counter Strike Global Offensive🎁


And we also have 2 cool games developed by a steemian ( @jonny-clearwater ) and his son ( @nidolabz )

🎁Galagan's Island: Reprymian Rising🎁




Rules to enter the giveaway :

Upvote the post

Leave a comment

Resteem the post

Aaand thats it! The giveaway will end in 7 days.

Good luck everyone! ☘





Bought PUBG after our chat yesterday and turns out I have older versions of CS but no GO!!! I will wait before buying it and roll the dice here to try my chances! 🙃 Awesome giveaway guys.

I have CSGO but I will still participate huehuehue 😈

Nice, good luck man! :)

kickn' ass :)

thanks, thanks :) We will have more of these in the future. Wanted to do this every 2 weeks or so but was busy with life :P

Thanks for the giveaway!.
Upvoted! Followed! and Resteemed!

You're welcome!

I cant afford.. I really wanna it :)

another smurf account? hmmm ye sure i take it :)

haha, making the csgo community a better place :D

Good luck, Mr.Dark :)

I would.love to see a contest based on counter strike or clash of clans. Two games I'm highly addicted to.

Then hop in our group and we can play some cs. We were actually planning on doing that in the future. At least now we have one extra to invite to the contest :D

I'm out of touch now. Need to get back with my assaulting and sniping skills. The mouse and game has changed a lot since I played. All that matters.

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I do not have a steam account yet but i would get one in case i won. Nice giveaway!

Good luck everybody

Good luck to you too ^_^

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