Daily Dollar Free Steem Dollar Giveaway

in giveaway •  9 months ago

Everyday I am going to be giving away a Steem Dollar to a random follower of mine. I know it's not much, but I will try to increase the prize as my following grows. Congrats to @jordan1219444 for winning yesterday! Here is the proof of payment:

Here are the rules:

Follow me

Upvote this post

Comment your name

Resteem for an extra entry(this is optional)

How it works:

I will use a random name selector to pick the winner everyday. I will announce the winner in the following day's post. It is that simple!

Good luck to all!!!

Stay High,


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Weed, fishing and Free coins? Follow like it's hot! @artzanolino

IMG_7587.JPG one of my artpieces

@schubes Congrats to the winner!


Resteemed it for the extra entry!

Followed Done
Upvote Done
Resteem Done

Oh wow Thanks cool suprise good on you man


Congrats man.


Yeah man nice work! I know it was random lol but nice work!

I appreciate the simplicity of his game. Sometimes this is needed when my brain is tired. Thanks for hosting it.