Yet Another Spunky Giveaway!!

in giveaway •  5 months ago

Just because giving away free stuff is so much fun, I would like to give you the chance to receive one thousand free SPUNK Coin, all you need to do in order to recieve yours is look at the lovely fractal picture featured as the post header and let me know what the first word is that it evokes in your mind - leave your answer in the comment section along with your bitshares or easydex address that you would like me to send the SPUNK to... It is as simple as that!

Would you like to know more about SPUNK?

Well, spunk coin is a brilliant Steem Punk initiative by @lanmower, if you would like to find out more about spunk - you can join us on discord in the 24h chat room - hope to see you there!


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I'll play! There were a few words that popped into my head after looking at the illustration so I'll share them all in the order of imaginative thinking:
vagina < uh, yeah, I don't know where that came from because the next one was virginal. LOL


hahaha - loving the train of thought there, I have sent your spunk off to you!
Thank you so much for participating!!!


I admit having kind of a warped mind. lol


hahaha well then you are at the right place - great minds think alike!


Haha, thanks for the morning giggle 🤭 💕

Thank you for spunking me earlier sweet @breeze 💕🤗😘
I just noticed a few days ago 👍🤗😘


Oh yeah - I forgot I spunked you, I will send your new spunk to that address then LOL


Haha, thank you for spunking me @breeze <3


The first word that comes to mind peacock 💕


Ooooh Nice one - You wanne share your bitshares or open ledger account name so that I can send you your Spunk?