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RE: My first post ever using Partiko: I’ll win 7 SBI from @bluengel❗️😍

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파티코 사용하지 않는 셀프 부계정 자동 봇계정으로 무리한 이벤트 홍보와 추천가입 가로채기로 이벤트 본 취지가 훼손되었으며
가입 포인트만 챙기는 어뷰징 행위로 볼 수 있음~!

해당 계정의 활동내역 포스팅이 거의 없어 이상하다 해서 뒤늦게 확인 불찰입니다~!

이렇게 해서 일등하고 싶지 않아 부득이하게 중단합니다~!

이벤트 폭망이라 안그래도 접는다고 글 수정 올리려는 상황에서 이런 상황이 만들어져 매우 유감입니다~!

This Posting 7SBI Giveaway Event is Shut Downed Due to Abnormal Abusing Referral Using the Multiple Self Bots Account ! Don't Do Like This ! Life is not In this Way ! plz Sincere Trust in Mindset ! Don't Fool Like This ! @bluengel always manual Comments manual Upvotes to Connected Communication with investing as many as time almost over 20 hours a day !!!

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Hey buddy, I'm not fooling anyone... be more careful with your charges!

As you can see, I am experiencing severe operating restrictions and couldn't answer you till the RCs recharge.


Please, tell me what you mean by "Multiple Self Bots Account": it seems a bad thing!

Do you want to explain me what problems it gives you, if I experiment with automatic votes? Is it written somewhere that I should not use automatisms inside a BlockChain that is itself an automatism?

As for your contest, what rules would I have violated?

Have you written rules somewhere else, that lead to exclusion from the prize? Because on your Contest post, I can't really see any rules that I may have contravened!
Rather it is clearly stated that the Contest will last until the 777 SBI of the prize pool is exhausted: have you changed your mind? It was just a joke?

I'm very sorry and pretty upsetted about this unpleasant and embarrassing situation, @bluengel!

이벤트 종료는 777 SBI 나눔 될때까지~!
이벤트 또 폭망하면 조기 종료~! ㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ

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also Partiko @partiko New Account abused !

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