Steem Power Giveaway #8 - Completely Free!

in giveaway •  2 years ago

I'm giving away a total of 100 SP!

It's that time again! As I have to write a large check for rent and give it to the landlord on the first of every month, I reckon I will also give money away to Steemians as that feels way better inside.

What's the catch?

Nothing. There is no catch. I've been lucky to have found this community and able to contribute and add value. So this is my way of saying thanks to the community.

A small catch.

Instead of giving you STEEM directly, I will instead power it up to your account. Haha. Basically, I am forcing you to believe in Steem. =P But who knows? Maybe Steem will go the way of Bitcoin and you'll be glad. However, if you really want to, you may power it down, your choice.

Great! Sign me up!

Simple rules (Slow the Scroll!

  • Set a profile picture if you don't already have it. It's super easy and I had even submitted a code change to add the Settings menu item! At least set it to something generic if you want to keep it generic.
  • And leave a comment to complete the following (can be as long/short/introspective/simple/funny/serious/anything as you want): Steemit is ________________


  • Only the first 100 will be eligible. I don't want to divide it up too much. (If there are others with extra STEEM to share, I would encourage you to spread the love as well, following this.) If there are less than 100 participants, then the 100 SP will be divided up evenly among the participants.
  • Please check the number of submissions before trying to enter. If there are already 100, I'm sorry. But you may still leave a comment if you have thoughts or anything else.
  • One submission per person.
  • Giveaway ends after the post payout, in about 7 days, for easy checking.
  • Please follow all rules! I would hate to not count a submission for this.


  • Now that we have the feature, resteem to spread the love! Let's see how many Steemians we can reach!


Follow me! @bitcoiner


And vote for my witness bitcoiner!

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Steemit is awesometacular. (At the moment I'm wiring this there's 123 comments but only 93 starting with "Steemit is")

steemit community is my second house

Ok so we have an avatar for a profile picture. A little privacy desired. Luck to us all! 🐓🐓

Someone usually asks me, what are you doing? And I reply, "Steemit DAMIT!" --- and then the reply is usually, "Steam what?"...

Then it goes the usually way... "Steemit not Steam it"...

Steemit is the Fonz!!

Steemit is the community

Steemit is awesome!

Steemit is a great community :)

steemit is genius:)

Steemit is my choice!

Steemit is......... going to the moon..... Mark Zuckerberg must be quaking into his bowl of frosties...... happy to have more power... it'll be worth thousands soon!!!!

Steemit community is awesome...thanks man!

Steemit is great.

Steemit is here to stay. If the contest is closed i've decided to follow you anyway for future giveaways.


Thank you @bitcoiner for the gift of "2 hours ago Receive 1.100 STEEM POWER from bitcoiner". I had totally forgotten about this comment. Low and behold I receive the above message on my wallet. May God continue to bless you.

Steemit is my addiction. ;)

Steemit is really full of great people like @bitcoiner

Thank you for this generous offer :) I have some challenges with uploading an avatar photo...

Steemit Is The Way To Go!

steemit it's an amazing community with a lot of potential to grow and be the greatest source of content out there.

Wow really cool. I am waiting to see others.

Steemit is my source of information.

Steemit is unstoppable except by EMP

Steemit will become THE social network very soon, since it can't be censured.
Blockchain-based is the guarantee for that. XD

Steemit is Priceless and you know it!


And for you to understand better, life is priceless. like that!

Nice idea! Have a profile pic already. Here's my comment:

Steemit is where I'm looking for my pot of knowledge and gold,
I need to find it before I'm too old;
I've found the rainbow along which I need to walk now,
but so many good people walking with me how!
Together with them the pot I will forever blessedly hold! :)


Thanks @bitcoiner! :) I received your gift of 1.100 SP.

Steemit is the ultimate people's choice!

steemit is nice?

  • or something...

steemit is totally addictive in a good way !

Steemit is better with more SP.

Steemit is wonderful
I think I check off the profile picture box requirement.
Now to do the typing part.
Well, of course, like everyone in this post, I will start by thanking you for your generosity and gratitude. Thank you for all the hard, strenuous work you have done as a witness and all a little peasant like me can do is upvote your post and vote for you as witness in appreciation.
Regarding the steem power, I think everyone would be happy with it. Steem has a really bright future, and the worst thing you probably could've done is not give us SP haha.
I'll finish off with a Steemit is magnificent, and I can't wait to be part of it's very rosy future.
Steem on!


Steemit is the very best social media platform there is

resteemed for ya too :)

Steemit is my new love!

that's really cool that you're doing this.

I already have a profile pic.

steemit is addicting, unique, innovative, creative, and all-around genius.

Steemit is the Come Up.

Steemit is the capitalist social network for anti-capitalist sympathisers.

steemit is the future.

Steemit is the Alpha of social networking..! Brace yourself world, here we come!

This is so selfless of you anc if you give me steem power - steem power it will stay if that's the proper way of the ecosystem :) STEEM ME UP SCOTTY

Steemit is the future of the social community!

@bitcoiner I think it is awesome to power up people, because I believe in Steemit for the long haul!


I had totally forgotten about this until I received my 1.100 SP power up! Thank you @bitcoiner!

Thank you for doing this!

Upvoted and resteemed for you x

Heh I am powering up every little bit i get my hands on anyways. That is how it is meant to work this whole system as i see it :)). Thanks for doing something like that!

Steemit is... always open in my browser. Still. Really. Always.

Steem is Love :)

I've recently join in steemit. Feeling excited in here. I hope its better then other social network. Thank you all

Steemit is the way of the future

and also awkward to work out how to add a profile picture but this post made me work out how to do it :)

stemmit is the reason why all my facebook friends think I want to scam them because I invited them to steemit :D

Steemit is a great way of writing about anything you feel like, and even make some money off of it.

New To all this but so far I am loving Steem! Goodbye YouTube and Blogger! Steem is my new go to! :)

Steemit Is Money Making for Some and a New way of life for others...

Steemit is full independent blogging!

Wow this is great of you! I'm trying to get my slider so I can upvote more people more often! I want to spread the love! STEEMIT IS a real fantastic opportunity for those who need it and is a great way to build community for the like minded.

Steemit is my number one addiction

Congratulations dear friend @bitcoiner for this great initiative
Reesteemit to contribute with the information, many luck in this project
I wish you a great week

Steemit is kind of like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.


Nice idea bro give some steam power to me if possible as my upvoting power is 0.001 SP only😊😁😂😀

Steemit is a game changer!

Steemit is us! Thank you!

steemit is awesome !!!

Good one.. steam is a great community

Information is power but only when action is taking steeming community what a great place to be....A place of latest information you can ever think of

Steemit is by far the best online social media platform out there! The people are amazing and there are no haters! Love every moment here with this community!

Steemit is hope for a better life. And hope for happiness. That's what I am here for.

Steemit is the best thing to invest your time and efforts in.

Steemit is a community of individuals with unique talents abilities from every corner of the world that are uniting in helping and supporting each other in every fashion of the word and spirit.

Steem is my cookie :)

Steemit is a great idea that still needs a lot of work to improve it and for that needs more and more believers:)

Steemit is my newest addiction.

Just Steemit!

Steemit is the best thing since sliced bread! What a selfless act of you! I've been using Steemit for a week now and I love the community. Everyone is so friendly, unlike the users of fb for instance.

Keep up the good work👍

Steemit is unstoppable!

Steemit is addiction

Steemit is a world without limitations

steemit is the most beautiful community I have ever met ;)

Steemit is soon going to have its first decentralised account when the PIVX proposal passes.

Steemit is the coolest ... hey am in time?? ;D

Steemit is...a wonderful distraction from life!

You Rock!!

Steemit is highly addictive :)


I ctrl F'd to see how many "steemit is" comments there were, and at the time of me writing this there is 62
hope this helps for anyone trying to count every comment ect

Steemit is going to be bigger than youtube ;)

Steemit is a great way to make money, instead of wasting your time on other social networks.

Steemit is where I come to not be bored

I love this, steemit is the best community

I'm not planning on adding an avatar, but I like that you're doing this for those who will.

Hahaha great!

Steemit is what save my life after I got divorced. True story.

Have a good one!

Steemit is my favorite blogging platform. :)

Steemit is a nice way to earn rewards for your contributions.

Steemit is... the future! :)

Steemit is a good way to waste time or make use of it ;)

Steemit new addiction.

Steemit is going to make me a multibajillionaire one day.

I have my profile picture set up.
Steem it is the best platform I've ever been using :D

steemit is better than facebook :)

Short version:

Steemit is my way of becoming a better person...

Long version:

Steemit is an amazing social experiment showing me in detail and all exclusiveness how societies evolve from mere nothingness into kind of anarchy, then rules, democracy, thinkings of fair/unfair, leftist/alt-right discussions, egalitarianism and all these things in high speed. I can't wait to see where we end or which stations we will pass in future.

steemit is a god among social media

steemit is the next social media king

steemit community is my everything lol

Steem is a new, refreshing and satisfying community...