Bitcoin And Ethereum Live Update, Pillar ICO Information. Steem Dollar GIVEAWAY!

in giveaway •  2 years ago

The youtube link below is for my live video that I am releasing. I will be talking about Bitcoin and Ethereum Live and where we might be going price wise. I'll also be giving you an in detail run down on what is happening with the Pillar ICO that is coming up. We really like this ICO and there is a good chance that it will have a great product and service going forward. WE are investing in this.

Live Steem$ Giveaway If i get enough people to join live.

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Came from your livestream :) Tight lines!

Hey, I'm watching it right now.

Austin, love your vids and thoughts on cryptos... keep up the good work.

i just watched the recordings.. hopefully i will catch it live next next

You are one of the few crypto channels that actually have a fair and more well informed idea on what they are talking about.

Keep it up! :)

Followed and resteemed.

Very informative stream. Thank you!

Great info, bro. I started watching you a few days ago. There are several guys I'm watching, but most of them have a love affair with one or more coins and can't see it any other way. You appear unemotional as an investor, which I'm sure will ensure your long term success.

Watching now, thanks as usual!

Great video!!! Very informative!!! Always love watching your videos keep up the hard work!!!!

Hey man. Dustin George, here from the stream. Awesome stuff. Very appreciated. And like I said, I will be posting some grow tips for cannabis and video document everything in the next cycle starting in August.
Also, I love the idea about creating a community of people all just upvoting eachother's stuff. That's what Im talkin about!
Ill keep an eye for your stuff for exactly that reason. Im a crypto-canna-fisherman as well out here on Silver Lake in New York. Smokin the kill bud and losin money in alt coins atm >.< Later on, man. Thanks again.
PS Im also following everyone on here commenting and upvoting all their stuff! DO IT!

Thanks @austinsandersco for all the knowledge you bring to the crypto community. Subscribing to your youtube channel has help my journey tremendously!!! I wish we had 1000 of you in the community. Keep up the great work!!

Followed you, and Resteemed this based on your YouTube live video. You have some good insight, and good content!

Watching Live Now! Thanks Austin!

First time watching your channel, great informative stuff!

I love the way you explain things

Great video keep up the good work

hi austinsanderco how are you it s abbey here


Hey Abbey! I'm great how are tou

Austin can you send me the information on how to get in the Pillar ICO and does Exodus have a android app? One more thing what do you think about EOS and what wallet do you use for it ?


As soon as I get info I will make a video about it. They will email me saying the 48 he period to get into it. Make sure you have bought ethereum and get into myetherwallet

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