Resteem the sponsored post in the link and Get upto 0.01 SBD- April 28

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I feel like it is waste of steem/SBD to pay bots for resteeming the posts. It is better to give it to the steemit community and make them to resteem the post. Considering this, I am giving an opportunity for you to win 0.01 SBD. The amount is small but it is a start and I am still a minnows. If I grow, the amount will grow, and it also depends upon finding more sponsors. Here, all you have to do is follow me and resteem the sponsored post: 💰💰💰FREE AIRDROPS worth more than $300 👉👉👉-10.

These are people who already took this opportunnity:
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1. You should follow me and up-vote this post
2. You should have atleast 100 followers
3. You should upvote and resteem this sponsored post:

💰💰💰FREE AIRDROPS worth more than $300 👉👉👉-10

4. Comment done after completing above steps. Everyone gets 0.01 SBD for the above task

Disclaimer: Not following any of these steps won't qualify for SBD. The final decision is entirely upon me.

If you have any suggestion, please comment below.

If you would like to feature your post here, please comment below.

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All of you have been paid. Thank you again for resteeming

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Read carefully, resteem the sponsored post please

You need to resteem the sponsored post. You haven't as far as I can see

Done!! Thanks!

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Resteemed upvoted all done

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