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Bitmillex is a next generation cryptocurrency exchange that aims at taking advantage of the opportunities presented in the cryptocurrency exchange space, addressing the areas of deficiencies identified in current exchanges and providing a solution to the specific needs of traders and investors. Bitmillex is airdropping 50 BTML for joining Telegram and Twitter worth $25.

  1. Go to link https://goo.gl/5N6YNa
  2. Join Telegram + Twitter
  3. Input ERC wallet
  4. Refer more friends to earn more

Spiking Airdrop (Worth $9.64)

Spiking is airdropping 864 SPIKE tokens to Telegram users. Chat with the Telegram bot and submit your details to get up to 864 SPIKE tokens. Also get an additional 88 SPIKE tokens for every referral.

  1. Chat with the Telegram bot https://goo.gl/qEaszS
  2. Join their Telegram group to get 188 SPIKE tokens.
  3. Submit your contact details to the bot to receive 288 SPIKE tokens.
  4. Download the Spiking app to get 388 SPIKE tokens.
  5. Make sure to use the same email address for the airdrop and for the app registration

Quarteria (Worth $6 but need NEO wallet)

Quarteria is about real estate on blockchain, providing an international decentralized listing service. Here, people will be able to list residential or commercial properties for sale, lease, or for auction. Anyone in the world will be able to browse the listing service and view properties valued in real-time fiat and cryptocurrencies.
Go to Airdrop form https://goo.gl/4y6hdC
Join the telegram Group
Follow in twitter and Retweet
Enter Neo Wallet

Obirum Airdrop (worth ~0.082 ETH)

0birum team is distributing free 50 OBR tokens (~0.082 ETH) to the community for a simple sign up on their website.

  1. Go to airdrop https://goo.gl/NVF2WT
  2. Sign up with your email and ETH address
  3. Confirm your email
  4. Receive your free 50 OBR tokens

Kelta Airdrop Round 3

Kelta is airdropping free 2 KLT tokens (worth $5.5) to community members.

  1. Fill out the form https://goo.gl/ddZrud
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Enter your ETH address
  4. You will receive 2 KLT tokens

Beat Tokens (worth $2)

Get Free Beat tokens worth $100. You can earn 150 -200Beats Tokens and more for different social media activities.

  1. Sign up here: https://goo.gl/KTZUXj
  2. Complete different social media activities in facebook, twitter and telegram

Tripagotravel Airdrop( Worth $14):

Tripagotravel is airdropping TPG token worth $14 for the social media activities.

  1. Sign up: https://goo.gl/WJbPfQ
  2. Verify the email
  3. Join Telegram, facebook, and twitter
  4. Get 475 TPG token worth $14

BPC Blockchain Airdrop

BPC distributes free 188 BPC tokens to Telegram users.

  1. Submit your ETH address http://www.mycandybag.net/bpc/?code=N7VI5LO2
  2. Paste your unique invitation code in the group @bpcgroup
  3. You will be credited with 188 BPC tokens

Synapse AI (SYN)- Worth $7

Sign up to Synapse AI and verify your account to get SYN token worth $7. It is one of very good project and airdrop is still open.

  1. Sign Up to https://tokensale.synapse.ai
  2. Verify your E-Mail
  3. Wait until you can withdraw the tokens

Previous Airdrops:

FREE AIRDROPS worth more than $100 -4
FREE AIRDROPS worth more than $100 -3
FREE AIRDROPS worth more than $100 -2
FREE AIRDROPS worth more than $100 -2

Earn with me:


Join SwiftDemand and earn 100 Swift everyday. It can be used in their website for goods and services.


Join Sola.ai. Its like steemit.


Join Mannabase and start earning Manna tokens weekly.

If you still don't have coinbase account: Sign Up here: https://goo.gl/to924B


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