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UPvote - Comment - Win
It is that easy! This is Free!
All other giveaway's require you to send SBD or STEEM.
Not here!

Just up-vote this Post, Comment Down below and you have a chance to win!

Using a random number generator; i will pick the winning Comment and up vote them with a 100% upvote

The more Steem you have vested behind your upvote.....the higher your Chance of winning!

Current Vote Prize: .01$ - 1.00$ (fluctuates with price of Steem)

John Comments and upvoted with 20 steem vested (assigned numbers on RNG 1-20)
Jane comments and upvoted with 1 steem vested (assigned numbers on RNG 21)
jack Comments and upvoted with 2 steem vested (assigned numbers on RNG 22-23)

I use RNG to pick 1-23. (it says John gets 100% upvote)

Winners Chosen randomly throughout the day
Everyone has a chance to win!!

Note: If you upvote this post and your upvote is worth more than my 100% vote, i will upvote you a 90-98% vote as a consolation prize

Note: I am working on catching up on these withen the next week

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you win!

UPvote - Comment - Win … really ?



I'm just not sure, if every day win only fem-of-war, I you look back to the finished threads their was three or four entries a days and three posts and in all posts win fem-of-war. So in every case today is my last entry in this contest if I will not win at least once I just will not participate anymore.


that is fine, but please read rules, the more steem vested in your upvote the higher the chance you have to win


Thanks for your explanation.
Where I can check your drawing ?


unless you are looking over my shoudler you cant haha, i google a number generator, then plug in info from steemdb to figure out the odds