The greatness of GitHub and open source communities

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Let me start by saying this; open source communities are amazing. GitHub Pages are one example.

These are completely free opensource websites hosted on GitHub for you to utilize, with no ads and amazing manipulation.

People put their hardwork and effort into contributing to projects on GitHub for very little if any monetary compensation. This is what the definition of passion is I believe.

I've seen first hand the amazing passion that are behind these communities; including multiple cryptocurrency projects.

I recently have been self-teaching myself git and it's amazing.

Happy steeming!

The ease of use of GitHub is outlined here. Some of your favorite projects repositories are probably hosted and edited on GitHub and they make it easy :)

I'm going to show you an example of one awesome way to use GitHub for yourself. GitHub allows everyone with an account to have a GitHub Page which is hosted completely on github you just worry about the front end code.

You can get started to setup a GitHub Page for yourself here.

After you create and configure your page you can point it to a domain that you want by configuring a few things which this Guide will help you with.

Now what is so amazing about GitHub you may ask. Well open source means anyone can contribute to a project together, by creating pull requests or you can take the entire repository of any project and create a fork to use / manipulate how you'd like. This is how Amazon created the Operating System version of android for their kindle.

I've also recently created my own webpage hosted on GitHub pages (for free) and pointed it to my own domain which costs me a whopping $12 a year!

Check it out!

Happy steeming!!! :)

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I often think of GitHub as the backbone of all these blockchains. Wish I could buy stock in them, lol!


Haha! I'm just happy to be able to utilize the great free resource they are.


Cheers to that! I'm trying to fork a project that will make a custom blockchain blog out of my steemit posts right now, lol!