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Finally it's here. The first gist log from @yhaulez ProductioNz. It's a Joyful Wednesday and it's that time of the week where we give away 10SBD to a winner on #Gistlog.

Today's episode is all about GIFS

The Graphics Interchange Format is a bitmap image format that was developed by a team at the bulletin board service provider CompuServe led by American computer scientist Steve Wilhite on June 15, 1987. Wikipedia

You don't need to be a computer guru to know about Gifs. We use Gifs in our everyday chat in expressing ourselves better.
Sometimes, the Gif used in a particular context so explains what the user is intending to pass on that it hits the BIG button.

This Contest is simply a platform for bloggers to show how well they can communicate through Gifs.
As I said earlier on, it's a giveaway just to show #Gistlog cares.
All you need in this contest are listed below in order to win.


* Comment below with a Gif to express anything you want to reply to this sentence:--- "I LOVE YOU"
* Resteem and Upvote this Post
* Make sure to follow @gutzygwin and @yhaulez
* Entries are to be submitted on or before the 28th of February.

* Not following any of the rules can get your entry disqualified.

The Gif with the highest number of Upvotes gets to win the Giveaway contest of and qualify for the Grand lotto every month.

I am authorized to pick the Gif I think gives a better expression (not minding the number of upvotes) for a runner up prize of 3SBD.

Feel Free to ask your friends for upvotes.

NB: Voting by bots and Voulgar Gifs are Prohibited. Your Gifs can be of any kind (Not specific).

Happy Wednesday.



Why are you using bot to get upvote...you have break the rules:@gutzygwin and @yhaulez please look into @lavanyalakshman

I don't use any bot pls cheak ,some one giving this ,i am not responsible for this.I don't know who give this,i am also trying to find him.

But you are sending sbd to get upvote.....i can see that through your wallet

the voting for the contest ended by 7hours ago at exactly midnight. if you can prove any irregularities or the use of bots as such, contact me via this comment.
winners and new contest is to be announced tomorrow by 12noon CAT
winners and new contest is to be announced tomorrow by 12noon CAT

But you are sending sbd to get upvoted.i can see that through your wallet

Upvote, very nice

Hello i upvoted your post

wow ! very beautiful ! superb ! i liked it .

Nice one........

very nice buddy

love you too

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just i like this your pic


Who is this pls


Win this please

Good day to you.. Here is my Entry Boss.

To all Steemians that thinks nobody loves them and facing a big problems. I Just wanna say:

giphy (1).gif


Good, this best post

Thanks for the opportunity and here is my entry.
Because you said you love me, am going to keep dancing

lol.. i just joined the dancing spree

Hello my brothers and sisters (to all my fellow steemians)😇 here is my entry , hope I shared my love to all of you:

@dranren loves you 😎

Seems like you wanted to share the love with the whole community.Nice!

Yeah @kimaben hehe I want to share this love to my Ohana and to all my fellow steemians 😍

Love love love hehe

We love you too haha

So sweet bro @maverickinvictus

I love my Ohana!😍😎

Well what would i do now @dranren? when all i could see is your big heart being openly shared.

Thank you @dazzlingprincess😍

Actually the one inside of it is me ,sitting on a bridge then the other one is , my face on a chibee art 😅😀 hehe hope you observed it 😂😅. Haha I made this GIF originally , cause I want to show my REAL LOVE to you as my family.

Voted! Goodluck to you dear friend!

Aww 😳😍Thank you so much @xeccedentesiast 😇

Love love hehe thank you kuya @pipo092281

When i saw this, I feel God said to me that he loves me <3

😇 God Loves Us always bro @dinmark09 😀

Family is love. Ohana is family. ❤️❤️❤️ @steemitfamilyph

I HEART you all 😀

tol sorry late !

yown e :) galing :))

For the win brotha!

She said i love you

and i said ..


Haha .. im not asking for an upvote but upvote is still coming ^^ thanks

Omg pasampal sa Discord hahaa

Hahaha cool dude!

Love thizzz 😂😋

I love you 😘 C655FBD4-46AB-4784-AD63-339BBB909DE5.gif

yeeey..... 😄 😍 sir @maverickinvictus

For the win sir Mark 😀

ahahah.. yeey.. @chinitacharmer 😄😄

Followed all the rules. Here is my entry:

This is my profile gift.
And this is my entry.
upvoted,Followed you and Resteemed.All Rule done

are you for real?

Yes i am real @el-cr



because if it all was about GIFS....WHY NOT A GIF OF MYSELF?? WHY NOT MY OWN GIF?

I created it with the timeline tool in Photoshop... Hope you like this gif version of myself!

Geetings and LOVE from Spain amigos! :)

Friend, Really excellent gif, is your face? I would like one for me .. Regards

Your entry has been noted

This GIF is really cool...i wish I can get one for myself

hahahah everything is negotiable my friend...I am a graphic designer and i can create one of yourself ... I'd accept a SBD donation in exchange :P deal?

Hi @gutzygwin , here is my entry. All rules followed.

nice loking

Lol with the Hunter X hunter reference! :D

My earned my upvote. My best animie.chimera ants arc ..bro when is the next arc starting

Response to "I love you"

I love the Doge Batman. It always makes me chuckle.

I would never even look at someone who takes me for granted. My love is precious, and not for everyone ;)

Hi guys already followed all rules and here's my entry....

If he says it during a fight

Lols 😂 your entry has been noted

Thank youu!!

Hello steemian @gutzywin.. All rules duly observed Spinning_Dancer.gif

Glad to be loved!

I enter this contest by saying;unnamed.gif

It takes a real man to say I love you. Be the main man today by taking that bold step.

"it takes a real man to say I love you." could you elaborate?

images (1).jpeg

Just saying i love you. Do not affraid.
I beliave that everyone has their own way to say love .

Nice post bro

Here's my entry


Hello everyone here is my entry:


Hi, Good afternoon
This is my entry


Wow Wow Wow!

IMG_20180202_001833-01.jpeg 😅😅😅😁✌✌✌✌

![] I really Love you So Much ! Here's My Favorite Toy! For You

To everyone reading this right now, i want you to know that you're special, and

@hellena. I'm a steemer since 2016 please give respect to my comment

very good, I like your post

Upvoted and resteemed and followed the two accounts. My entry

This is an awesome way of giving back to the community and its newbies. I must say you are great and your sense of belonging humbles me.
Keep it up and keep doing the great job.


This post has received gratitude of 5.67 % from @appreciator thanks to: @yhaulez.

Would this longest GIF be able to get your Love?
I Love You because you have life, Would You also Love me for that? ☺
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