Mount Girnar Rocks

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A compilation of some interesting features of Mount Girnar.

These images are taken from several videos from YouTube documenting Girnar. Sources at bottom.
Girnar rock1.JPG
Figure 1: The sharp angle of the rock (bottom right of the rock) is nearly exactly 120 degrees. Hexagons are a common theme of Mount Girnar.

Girnar rock2.JPG
Figure 2: Another rock with an ~120 degree angle and sharp edges.

Girnar rock3 closer.JPG
Figure 3: More sharp edges.

Girnar rock4.JPG
Figure 4: Top, middle rock has a "sort of" hexagonal shape to the top, like it formed with some aspects.

Girnar rock5.JPG
Figure 5: More sharp edges.

Girnar rock 6 Gorankhnath Tunk.JPG
Figure 6: Gorankhnath Tunk

Girnar rock 7.JPG
Figure 7a: Wall showing tendrils from energy flows in mountain formation.

Girnar rock 7 closer.JPG
Figure 7b: Closer view.

Girnar rock 7 different angle.JPG
Figure 7c: Different angle.

Girnar 8 Dattatreya Peak smooth steps.JPG
Figure 8: Dattatreya Peak with smooth steps in the rock face (visible especially middle, right side of image).

Girnar rock 9.JPG
Figure 9: Rock with cavities.

Girnar rock 10.JPG
Figure 10a: Microcosm three-peaked rock.

Girnar rock 10 closer.JPG
Figure 10b: Closer image.

Girnar rock 10 closer2.JPG
Figure 10c: Closer image again.

Girnar rock 11 Dattatreya peak.JPG
Figure 11: Dattatreya Peak

Girnar rock 12.JPG
Figure 12a: Side of a peak.

Girnar rock 12 lower.JPG
Figure 12b: Lower segment.

Girnar rock 13.JPG
Figure 13: More sharp edged rocks.

Girnar rock 14.JPG
Figure 14: More sharp edged rocks.

Girnar rock 15.JPG
Figure 15: View of terrain.

Girnar aapdu junagadh1.JPG
Figure 16: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh2b.JPG
Figure 17: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh3.JPG
Figure 18: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh5.JPG
Figure 19: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh6 river.JPG
Figure 20: River of Mount Girnar with distinct rocks.

Girnar aapdu junagadh8.JPG
Figure 21: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh9.JPG
Figure 22: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh10.JPG
Figure 23: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh11 second video.JPG
Figure 24: River rocks.

Girnar aapdu junagadh14JPG.JPG
Figure 25: River rocks.

Girnar aapdu junagadh15.JPG
Figure 26: River rocks.

Girnar aapdu junagadh16.JPG
Figure 27: River rocks.

Girnar aapdu junagadh17.JPG
Figure 28: River rocks.

Girnar aapdu junagadh18.JPG
Figure 29: Temple built around stream

Girnar aapdu junagadh19 third video.JPG
Figure 30: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh20.JPG
Figure 31: Mount Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh21 fourth video.JPG
Figure 32: Peaks of Girnar.

Girnar aapdu junagadh25.JPG
Figure 33: Mount Girnar with Bhavnath Temple visible where Shivaling is said to have emerged of its own intention.

Girnar aapdu junagadh28 dattatreya peak angle 2.JPG
Figure 34: Dattatreya Peak.

Girnar aapdu junagadh31.JPG
Figure 35: Mountain peaks.

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