Promoting Girlsfoundation Through Free Registration of National Health Insurance Scheme to the People of Nsuta-Ghana.

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Good day to lovely Steemians of Girlsfoundation, I am @oppongk bringing you warm greetings from Ghana.

First of all I want to take this opportunity to thank all members supporting girlsfoundation to raise the image of our women in the societies, more especially our leaders who initiated this project, and made it to happen. I would also want to inform you officially that I am in support of girlsfoundation project.

I would like to bring to the notice of girlsfoundation about the just ended project which was held at Nsuta at Ashanti Region-Ghana. The project was sponsored by one renowned Musician named Charlsce Kwadwo Fosu popularly known as "Dady Lumba." The aim of the project was to support those less priviledge ones, more especially women and the young ones to be able to improve their health care delivery. Because of this He organised free registration and renewal of National Health Insurance Scheme.

This is a policy which has been initiated and it has been taken effect, but the individuals have to pay some amount before they can register or renew when the date on the NHIS card expires. This is what our Musician, "Dady Lumba" saw that it would be prudent to support his own native community, that is Nsuta to also benefit through this National Health Insurance Scheme in order to improve their health care delivery.

The commencement of the Project.

The project took place on 22nd and 23rd December 2018, that is Saterday and Sunday. Many people from Nsuta and the village of Nsuta all came and converged at the palace ground-where the exercise took place. Some people came to renew their NHIS card, whiles others too came to register for new NHIS card. These are the people who could not afford to register or renew due to financial difficulties. Some people woke up as early as 1:00am dawn to form a queue in order to register early and leave the scene. In fact, there was pressure at the scene, since the people who came there were many , both old and young.

Women's caring towards the project.

My analysis conveyed at the exercise revealed that women attendance outweighed the number of men. This is because, the women are more caring compared to men when it comes to such exercise. Many of the people there were women having their babies clinging on their back, and they formed about seventy percent of the total population at the scene. About twenty percent were young people, and only ten percent were men. This clearly shows how our mothers care about the welfare of their children.

I must say that we should continue to promote the project of girlsfoundation in similar way as our brother took all the cost by sponsoring the people of Nsuta. I think helping our ladies or women in this way, it will go a long way to help our societies to grow, since they have the caring Spirit.

Thanks to "Dady Lumba" and his groug for organising this free of charge registration of NHIS card for the people of Nsuta. Also, thanks to girlsfoundation for embarking on this project.

I am oppongk



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