Celebrating summer

in #girlslast month

Two of my friends, who I grew up with, and I decided to go out at our place.
A new opened hotel arranged wine tasting and live acustic music this friday.

The three of us made a reservation.
It’s been a long time since any of us drank.

Anyway, I decided to wear a skirt because it was so hot. But at the other hand i was scared mosqitos qill eat me 😂 hahaha just joking, bite me a lot.

As a matter of fact they did.


We ordered their homemade white wine - chardonnay, and it was so tasty.
With som appetizer it was a jackpot.



After that event we went to other place where also was live music. And the girla wouldn’t be girls if they didn’t took a photo in toilet 😂😂😂



Nice to see 3 fine looking ladies out on the town enjoying themselves! Thanks for sharing the pics :)

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