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Max is now fourteen years old. She was born last week in San Francisco, California. All parents in the world give alms for the birth of their children. We Muslims make sacrifices, read the Qur'an and cook. Feeds the needy and the poor 'Hindus distribute sweets while Christians distribute cash to the needy' Every mother in the world 'Every father celebrates the arrival of a new child according to his ability but Max is a different girl 'This is the first baby girl in the world whose father donated 45 billion for her birth' This is the biggest donation in human history for the birth of a baby girl 'Who is this baby girl?' Who are her parents and why was this 45 billion donated? This is also an interesting story. This story started in 2004. Three young men lived in a room at Harvard University in 2004. Mark was incompetent, lazy and shy. He was barely 19 at the time. He was born in 1984 in a New York village. His father was a dentist. Had a fourth child, three other sisters, was incompetent and stupid at school, reached Harvard University in 2002, and was obsessed with computer programming. Mark bought a website domain in his dirty room in early 2004. The social networking site was designed and launched on February 4, 2004 under the name The purpose of the website was to create online connections between Harvard University students. The data, students' profiles, their pictures and addresses were taken from the university's data bank. The website came to the notice of the administration as soon as it came to notice. The administration issued a notice to Mark alleging hacking but Mark did not back down. He only had a thousand dollars at the time. He took the same amount from one of his classmates, Severn, to further improve the website. Facebook proved to be an interesting experience for university students. 650 students joined Facebook in four days. The number reached 6,000 in three weeks. On February 25, Columbia University students also joined Facebook. The next day, on February 26, Stanford University students came to Facebook, and on February 28, Yale University began to see Mark's strange invention. In March, the number of students reached 30,000. 'Mark now needed staff to handle the website' Pockets were empty and business was difficult so Mark was forced to merge with his roommate Dustin Muscovites by giving him a 5% stake. Muscovites didn't know it at the time. "She will make him a millionaire in the future and she will be famous all over the world," he said with a laugh. "Mark also started a series of ads on Facebook in March. Earnings for the first month." The company had an additional investment of 10,000 in April. The investment helped Facebook reach 34 U.S. universities in six months. It was a success that closed the doors of Harvard University on Mark. He left Harvard and went straight to Silicon Valley and Mark became Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg shocked the world by saying, "Facebook was worth ten million dollars in just four months, but Mark refused to sell the company." In the summer of 2005, when the number of Facebook users reached 200,000, Peter Thall, co-founder of Paul Company, invested 500,000 in Facebook. This investment increased the number of users to 500,000, and then Mark never looked back. Is the most popular social media website in the world. Its total number of users is 1.55 billion. People from 145 countries of the world use Facebook. All the world's leaders, leaders, actors, singers, athletes, Reuters, journalists. Businessmen and all the big and small organizations of the world are present on Facebook. No one in the world is on earth but he is on Facebook. The world before Facebook is divided into seven continents, 145 countries, different nationalities and thousands of languages. But it came to a wall after Facebook. Today it is America, Russia or Afghanistan, President Obama, Putin or Ashraf Ghani, all these people, all these countries. They are incomplete without books. People even say this now. Searchers also find God on Facebook. Facebook named Mark Zuckerberg a billionaire at the age of 23. He was the first young man in the world to join the list of billionaires at the age of 23. He is also the seventh richest man in the United States and He is also one of the most influential people in the world, including President Obama, David Cameron, Narendra Modi and Putin. Facebook currently has 10,000 employees. It earns daily 12.5 billion a year. lac 387 million per second and 56 387 per second. 56 of the world's companies are directly employed by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg owns 28.2% of the company's shares. These shares are worth 45 45 billion. Berg can repay 80% of Pakistan's debts. He is the chairman of Facebook but he is paid only one dollar for his services. This is his total salary. He married Priscilla Chen in May 2012. He is a doctor. Allah Almighty blessed him with a daughter last week. Max is his first child. Mark Zuckerberg donated 99% of his wealth to the birth of his daughter. The Lord makes dollars, this money will be shifted to the fund he has set up, this money will help the poor, the sick, the helpless and the uneducated people around the world, it will find a cure for deadly diseases, the poor. Will build schools and hospitals in countries, provide artificial limbs to the disabled and financially support those living below the poverty line. Mark Zuckerberg also wrote a letter to his daughter Max while donating 99% of his wealth. The letter is also a masterpiece, "Mark wrote in the letter." Your mother and I do not have the words to tell you, "How much hope we have for the future with your arrival." "I want to make this world a better place for my daughter to live," says Mark, who donated 99% of his wealth to make the world a better place. "It now owns only one percent of Facebook shares. Look at this one percent shareholder of Facebook and then look at all the princes of the Islamic world who are born with a golden spoon in their mouth. You also look at the billionaires of Pakistan after them whom Allah Almighty Blessed you with sustenance and wealth and then look at the rulers of the country whom Allah has given wealth, fame and power and you think after that, how are these people before whom the creation is starving? The hemorrhoids are rubbed, in front of which the believers are sobbing at the lowest level of backwardness, ignorance and disease, and in front of whom the Muslims perform ablution with the water of the lake and also give this water to their children but also for a moment. There is no fear of God. Compare the oil-rich Arab countries and the people of Europe. You will see Europe's middle class living a better life than the most prosperous people in the Arab world. You rulers of Pakistan. Look at the elite and the business class. For decades, these people have been leaving their children in a world of disease, poverty, ignorance and crime. It seems that Bhutto's family has not been able to provide clean drinking water, good education, quality hospital and crime-free environment to Larkana in 45 years. Bacha Khan's family has not changed the condition of Charsadda till date. Maulana Fazlur Rehman Khan could not be replaced and the Sharif family has not been able to make Lahore so clean and safe to this day that their grandchildren can go out without security, get education in government schools, get treatment in government hospitals and faucets. To drink water 'How are we people? We also call ourselves the holy nation of Allah Almighty. We also consider ourselves entitled to the intercession of the Holy Prophet. We also recite the word. We also recite the Holy Quran and pray regularly. Are giving even the worst environment! How we are Muslims, how we are Pakistanis and how we are human beings, we are claimants of faith, but a young man of 31 years went ahead of us millions in charity and alms, we kept beating the drums of faith, An unfaithful young man looted the whole shop of faith. Do we Muslims have an alternative to Mark Zuckerberg, an alternative who devotes 99% of his wealth to humanity to give his children a better world? Lay down all your wealth? I will consider Muslims as Muslims on the day when they will produce a man like Mark Zuckerberg, a Mark Zuckerberg who will give all his wealth in charity in the name of his daughter and Dedicate the name! Someone is one, someone in one of the 56 Islamic countries!