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Ginger is well known to everyone as a cooking spice. Ada is called shukti or shudhi in the dry state. Ginger is a year-round tuber national plant. The tree grows from 3 to 4 feet tall. The leaves are green and beautifully arranged and fit and 5 to 10 inches long. Flowers are almost unseen and produce no fruit. Its tubers or roots are used.

Useful Parts:-

Ginger tubers are commonly used in the form of raw or dry powders. In Ayurvedic scriptures the use of ginger is more.

How a part is used:-

  • Cold and fever are best mixed with ginger juice mixed with honey.
  • Whenever the wheels on the body become swollen, it is relieved to mix ginger juice with old gurra.
  • Old greens benefit from playing one gram of ginger wood with hot water.
  • In the disease of spring, one teaspoon of ginger juice mixed with one teaspoon of ginger leaves, and the jaggery of the spring comes out quickly.
  • Hiccup stops when mixed with ginger juice with goat's milk.

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