The New Look of GINA!

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The New Look of GINA!

In our last post we discussed the recent joining of GINA to the BuildTeam family of services. In today's post we would like to inform GINA's many fans that as part of our new collaboration GINA has received a new and improved look.

If you are unfamiliar with GINA, as we've mentioned before, she can perform several functions which primarily revolve around sending notifications about new events on the Steem blockchain.

Now we would like to unveil the new look for GINA hot off the presses!

Introducing the new GINA!

What experts are saying...

We have got a lot of amazing feedback regarding GINA's new design as many have been absolutely amazed at the creativity and overall attention to detail that has gone into her new look:

What's next?

We will be working on a facelift for GINA's web interface as well, GINA will get her own landing page with an overview of her features and a brand new responsive app for tweaking her settings.

Want to know more about GINA's new look?

Our resident art director @beekart has been kind enough to rebrand GINA and the results are nothing short of visually stunning!

But why tell you about it when we can show it to you in this digital speed painting video here:

GINA is here!

That's about all we have to show you today, but keep a look out for future updates because we are just getting started! BuildTeam is excited to help take the GINA project to the next level over the next few months.

Although there are many things we would like to improve, our most immediate goal is to bolt it onto our current microservices infrastructure, providing expanded functionality and stability for GINA's users. We hope you like the service and have been completely blown away by GINA's new look!

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Damn she looks real good! 🤡

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 02.50.02.png

Whoa Gina totally has an upgrade! Now she looks really high tech and sophisticated. Nice job, Rogier :).

Really loving the new look. :) ♥♥♥ I want to draw now!

Gina I love you! It shocked me just now- I thought you were replaced by a demon! Lol j/k love the new sleek and blue design. Long live Gina!!!

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Wonderful new look !

Great update, Gina !

And @beekart 's arts are always amazing <3 <3 <3

^^ thnk you! :)

Reminds me of Cortana. Not that that's a bad thing, mind!

Haha in our planning room we had a picture of Cortana as a guideline of the essence we wanted to capture. Guess we pulled it off :) but GINA is totally different though, just a hint of Cortana, actually she looks like she could be Cortana’s little sister. :)

And that's the vibe that i got. Close enough to be similar, yet completely different.

Wonderful, congratulation @ginabot with your new look.

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great to see her new look :)

Nice look! <3

Better. Much better, @ginabot, with more space for improvements :)

@ginabot My GinaBot is not working...

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Wow this looks very futuristic! Nice job!

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Hey Gina, you look good today :D

It’s a more like a bot now, LOL

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She looks... awesome :D

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New blue looks exceptional! Gina performs perfectly, thank you.

Life without Gina would be horrendous so thank you very much for all the time and effort that you have put in

Awesome! But... How can I get your services Gina!?

Go to and look for the GINAbot registration channel

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