Week 1 - 229

in gig •  3 months ago

This was the first week of selling at a flea market. I learned that you should bring as much stuff as possible. lol


Friday 8-24

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That would seem like good advice since you have to pay for a spot, at least here when we use to have a flea market they'd charge you six bucks entry. That's the rate I paid when I took all my videos to sell there after closing my video store.


Customers have to pay to enter?


Yeah it was six bucks entry fee. It was at the Studio 28 parking lot on 28th st, which use to be the largest movie theater in the country...it closed a few years ago and with the closing came the closing of the flea market. The flea market only operated in the back lot on Sat and Sun mornings.


Wow! That's crazy! Plus I'm sure the vendors had to pay to rent a booth.


Wow! That's crazy! Plus
I'm sure the vendors had to
Pay to rent a booth.

                 - mysearchisover

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Did you sell much ? Whats the price of your items ..


I did bad this week. The jewelry was $1. Variety helps.

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