GiftGiver's 100 SP Delegation Contest

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We've been promising this for a while and now we'll finally deliver. We reached 1,000 SP and are able to do our first contest, which is for 100 SP for one month.

First, I'd like to thank @sn0n for helping to come up with the idea for the contest.

To enter the contest, simply make a comment explaining where you see yourself in 2 years in under 20 words. It can be about anything, yourself on the Steem blockchain, yourself and your job, your family, whatever you see yourself doing in two years. Anyone who makes a valid entry is considered for delegation.

The winner will be decided upon payout of the post and the delegation will be sent shortly thereafter. We hope that you use it well and use it to grow yourself.

We've got more great events planned for the future at other milestones as well as some developmental things that we'll be releasing soon, so stay tuned.


If you have any further questions, you can join us on our discord or check out the FAQ on our website.

Low On Resource Credits?

If you are low on Resource Credits, you can visit to get a temporary delegation.
Written by @rishi556.


This is now closed. A winner will be chosen and sent the delegation to in 24 hours. All valid entries received an upvote from @giftgiver.


Congratulations on reaching 1,000 SP and thanks to @sn0n for the brainchild behind the curtain... Truly appreciate your assistance with the new Steemians that land at the @steemterminal, and for the banner representing our initiative on your site... (Yes my friends, you can advertise your cause there! Ask for details)... Had I not received a delegation from @danielsaori, I would be participating in this contest... But I have already gone over the word count, and know there are many new Steemians, that could really benefit from this delegation.

So...congratulations again on your milestone... here's to hoping for the next 1,000 SP!


No nodes were harmed, in the making of this post

Bitchh, where do you see yourself in 2 years? °>°


In two years... hopefully still alive, still fighting the MS monster, and still helping new Steemians at the @steemterminal

Present me may say; having money, wealth, power and… I hope in 2 years “Whatever I’m doing, I do it at my best”

In 2 years, I hope to be starting a new chapter in grad school and still working hard on steemit!

The progress on Steemit is extremely slow. Without investment and very hard work..I don't know, maybe SP arround 200

@giftgiver, Almost i am close to two years on this platform and now i am Full Time Steemian and hope that in two years i will collaborate with more Full Time Steemians.

Keep up these kind of initiatives.

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Well I would like to make Dolphin in two years. If I ever get a job I can buy more to help me on my way, but curation is what I have for now.

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Congrats, you were the winner of the contest.

The winner was determined by asking a for someone in our discord server, which you can join here, to pick a number from 1-10. Then the comments were put in order of highest payout to lowest, and each being given a number depending on the rank they were in.

Screen Shot 2019-06-16 at 6.14.30 PM.png

The number 7 was chosen, and your entry was number 7, so enjoy your delegation. It has been sent out and lasts for a month. Enjoy it.

Thanks, like you once told if you don't enter you do not have a chance to win.

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Thank you for doing this contest! And congratulations on your success so far. 🙏🙌

In two years, I'll still be helping & giving people on #steem the stepping stones to see their true worth as they evolve from there.

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Exactly 20 words. Nice job.

Thanks so much 🙏💖

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In two years I will hope to be completely meat free diet. Health food education required to succeed.

Good love..taking care of our vessel should always be our priority

In two years I will be celebrating @giftgiver reaching 50K Steem power.

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I like this guy

I like this guy too. Let's all be partying with him for 50k.

Set your goals, make a plan. It can happen.

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Congrats, niice job :D and that was fast moving tooo :D
in 2 years? I have surepassed orca rank here and hopefully learnt more about the blockchain & increased my crypto wallet.
Hopefully gotten 2 new objectives for my camera &&&& bought my self a Subaru BRZ to play with ;) LOL

Almost there, 3 words over. Try removing some words.

Ha ha i see i dident read the rules😉 took of 6word
Thanks for responceding & great contest💗🐲🐉

There we go.

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