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Hey everyone,

In our first video on our Youtube channel "PerfectPartnerGift" we want to show you who we are and explain you the concept of our project!

I am Sophie, 25 yo, Frenchie currently living in Barcelona with my German boyfriend Kevin, 26 yo. We want to show you why you should follow us in the future to get the latest gift ideas for your Partner!

You will see every week a new video of us reviewing a cool gift idea!

More than that, we present a lot of other gifts on our website:


and on our various social media channels which we will promote soon!

We are happy for every follower and feedback!

Thanks and see you in the next video!

Follow us on:
Snapchat : PPartnerGift
Insta : PerfectPartnerGift
Facebook : PerfectPartnerGift
Pinterest : PerfectPartnerGift
Twitter : @Perfect_gift

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