Photo Contest: From Rubbish To Glory...

in ghscontest •  last year  (edited)

I found Glory of Love behind Darkness of Life...

Be sure to click on the image to view full screen!

Photo credit: Photo is mine

This is my entry to @escuetapamela photo contest and I hope you like it.

Please see link for the original post of this contest Photo Contest by @escuetapamela

Thanks for viewing my post!

I would like to thank @iwrite for mentoring me and for his patience.
I am very blessed and thankful to have him as my mentor.

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Thank you very much.
I am grateful for that and for everyone who has helped me and my friends.



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oh! youre really very beautiful. nice to se you.


Thanks bro!

You are lovely in both photo's!!
God bless you my friend!!
Good luck in the contest!!
Hugs!! x0x0x


Thank you so much @paradise-found for informing us about the contest.

May God bless you too!
Again, Thank you...

you're lovely sis..hope you win...😍


Thanks sis...

good luck


Thanks po!

Nice one 😍







you are welcome :)

Beautiful @sitiaishah . . .

H. G.


Thank you so much @henry-gant!
Thanks for dropping by on my post...


I appreciate it when you drop by also. I hope you enjoy the writings.


Thank you so much! I am really enjoying writing in Steemit because I am inspired by the writings of people like you...

you look so beautiful sis 😍

  ·  last year (edited)

Nadala ng magic ng camera sis! Hahahha

Goodluck sis, ang ganda ganda naman.,


Thanks sis!

goodluck sis!


Thanks sis!

You are an amazing woman!
Thank you for joining.
God bless you. :)


Thanks sis...

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