Why Your Veggie Garden Can't Thrive Without Flowers

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Flowers fulfill important roles in your vegetable garden. Let's take a look.


Flowers Are Useful

If you have a vegetable garden, you can't go without flowers.

Different flowers fulfill different roles in your garden ecosystem: some are edible, others attract useful bugs or lure the bad bugs away from your crops, and some can even protect your crops against diseases.

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Attracting Useful Bugs

Attracting useful insects is very important.
You need for example bees and butterflies to pollinate your plants.

Ladybugs and lacewings, just to name a few, feed on harmful bugs like aphids or spider mite.


To find a list of flowers that attract useful insects, CLICK HERE

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When you have a garden, you are always at war: harmful insects like aphids can suck your plants so dry they will eventually die. Nematodes in the soil also have a negative impact on the growth of your plants.

Flowers like calendula or plants like nasturtiums are considered to be very acctrive for aphids. If you plant them near your crops, you will see that the bigger part of the aphids will stay away from your veggies. Instead, they all gather on the calendula flowers and the nasturtiums.


Marigolds are known to produce a toxic that is lethal to nematodes in your soill.

For a list of flowers that fight plagues and insects, CLICK HERE

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Edible Flowers

There are more edible flowers than you might think.
Personally, I like how colorful flowers give just that little extra when I put them on my plate.

I assume most people know that marigolds, calendula flowers and nasturtium flowers are edible.


But did you know these flowers are edible too?

  • Borage
  • Basil blossoms
  • Chamomile
  • Dandelions
  • Roses
  • Sunflower petals

You can find a list of 42 edible flowers HERE

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Thank you very informative. My soil needs healing so i think I will fill it with beans next season and add some nasturtiums. They sound interesting.

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I learned something new about marigolds today. That's something.